Truck Accident Claim

A truck speeding through a stop sign causes extensive injuries.


2nd Degree Murder

2nd degree murder charges reduced to manslaughter: client only served 60 days house arrest.


Wrongful Death of a Child

Settlement negotiated for the wrongful death of a youth.


Motorcycle T-Bone Accident

A St. Louis motorcyclist was hit by a car running a red light at an intersection.


Dog Bite Case

Woman bit by dog at popular pet boarding facility gets settlement.


Car Accident

Woman hit by truck while celebrating her 21st birthday with friends gets case settled.


First Degree Assault and Shooting From A Moving Vehicle

St. Louis County man has two felony charges dismissed.


Slip and Fall Case

St. Louis County woman who slipped and fell at work recovers damages from her employer.


Domestic Assault and Property Damage

St. Louis County couple charged with domestic assault both have charges dropped.


Domestic Assault on Daughter

St. Louis County woman has domestic assault charges dismissed.


Multiple DUIs

St. Louis County man with previous DUI arrests avoids felony charges.


2nd Degree Assault

St. Louis City woman has charges dropped after being accused of fighting in a city park.