Unclassified Misdemeanor Lawyer St. Louis, MO. While most misdemeanor crimes in Missouri are part of one of four classes (organized in Classes A through D, with Class A being the most severe), there are a number of Missouri misdemeanors that are not part of any of these classes. Most of these charges are vehicular offenses or those which occur on state property, such as parks or state highways. There is no standard punishment for unclassified misdemeanors: each of them has a specific punishment outlined in an applicable state statute.

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Unclassified Misdemeanors
Failed To Stop Or Obey Reasonable Signal Direction Of A Highway Patrolman
Violate Burn Ban
Falsely Certifying Fact(S) Covered By County Financial Statement (2Nd, 3Rd, And 4Th Class Counties)
Falsely Certifying Fact/S Covered By County Financial Statement (1St Class, Noncharter Counties)
Willfully Neglect/Refuse To Perform Any Of The Duties Required Of Recorder
Dumping In An Unlicensed Area
Failure To Pay County Cigarette Tax Or Affix Stamps
Violation Of Rules And Regulations Of Rapid Transit Car, Bus Or Other Conveyance
City Official Knowingly/Willfully Allows Any Claim Or Demand Against City When Contract/Agreement Not Authorized By Law
City Official Allowing Unauthorized Claim Against City
Serving Without License As Private Watchman/Detective/Policeman
Destruction Of State Records
Clerk Of County Commission Discloses Amount Of Bid Before Selection Of Depositaries
Class Four Election Offense Of Voter Registration And Submission Of Voter Registration Applications
Class Three Election Offense - Voter Registration Solicit Or Knowingly Fail To Register With Secretary Of State
Committing Class Three Election Offenses
Committing Class Four Election Offenses
Failure To Secure A Building Permit
Failure To Make And Forward Assessment Book Abstract To State Tax Commission As Required
Violation Of Chapter 142 Motor Fuel Requirements And Regulations
Employer, With Intent To Defraud, Willfully Failed To File Return/Truthfully Account For/Pay Withholding Tax
Attempting To Evade Or Defeat Income Tax
Failure To Collect Or Pay Over Income Tax
Failure To File/Pay A Missouri Income Tax Return -
Filing A False Missouri Income Tax Return
Fail To Collect Sales Tax, File Return And Pay Taxes; Misrepresent Assumption Of Taxes
With Intent To Defraud, Willfully Failed To Make A Sales Tax Return/Pay Sales Tax/Keep Records/Supply Information
Filing A False Sales Tax Return
Violation Of Sales Tax Law
Fail To Pay Missouri Use Tax
Tax Evasion On Intangible Personal Property
Dealing As A Merchant Without A License
Failure To Comply With Requirements For Transportation Of Dead Bodies
Violate Regulations For Manufacture And Sale Of Food, Drugs Or Cosmetics
Misrepresentation Of Facts In Reporting Blood Test Of Infant
Failure To Comply With County Cigarette Tax/Stamp/Records Requirements
Willfully Violate Provisions Of Section 214.270-.410 Regarding Endowed Care Fund By Cemetery Operator
Permit/Aid A Child To Run Away From A Division Of Youth Services Institution Or Conceal/Harbor A Child In Order To Elude Pursuit
Sheriff/Jailer Refuse To Receive Prisoner From Other Officer/Constable
Operating, Establishing Or Maintaining A Junkyard Without A License
Sales Agent Violation Or Pecuniary Interest In Construction Contract
Willfully Fail To Comply With Provisions Of Sections 229.040- 229.200 Regarding Installation Of Utilities
Obstructed/Damaged/Changed Location Of Public Road (Willfully Or Knowingly)
Drove On Bridge/Highway Under Construction/Improvement That Was Closed By Barriers
Failure Of Township Clerk To Prepare/Publish Statement Required By Section 231.280
Resist Search Or Interfere With Execution Of Warrant From Mdc
Violate Free Flow Of Fishway Or Fish Hatchery Maintenance Regulations
Solicit/Conspire/Aid/Abet Illegal Shipments Of Wildlife
Consignee Failure To Notify Commission Of Illegal Wildlife
Discharge Substance Into Waters Of The State Sufficient To Injure/Stupefy/Kill Fish
Operating A Motor Vehicle In A Non-Designated Area In A State Park
Exceeded The Speed Limit In A State Park
Allowed Animal(S) To Run At Large In A State Park
Failure To Leash Pet In A State Park
Using Fireworks Within The Boundaries Of A State Park
Unlawfully Taking Wildlife In A State Park
Violations Of The State Forestry Law
Violate Hazardous Waste Management/Transporting Practice - 1St Offense
Violating Provisions Regarding Disposal Of Dead Animals
Fail To Have Vehicle Used To Transport Bodies Of Dead Animals Constructed To Prevent Seepage/Dripping From Bodies/Seen By Public
Failure Of Grain Dealer To Display Licensing Notice
Collect Workers Compensation Insurance Costs From An Employee
Failure Of Employer/Insurer To Report Personal Injury Accident Within 30 Days Or Subsequent Reports Within Statutory Time Frames
Making False Statement Regarding Unemployment Benefits
Failure To Pay Wages Within Required Time
Failure To Provide At Least 1 Portable Toilet Per 20 Construction Workers
Permit Unvalidated Licensee To Operate Motorcycle - 1St Offense
Operate Vehicle With An Instruction Permit Or License Issued To Another - 1St Offense
Operated Motor Vehicle Without Obtaining New Driver'S License After Being Revoked/Suspended
Represented The Driver'S License Of Another Person To Be His/Hers
Loaned Driver'S License To Another Person
Provided Fraudulent Information In Application For Driver'S License
Caused Or Knowingly Permitted Child Or Ward Under Age 16 To Drive Motor Vehicle
Authorize/Knowingly Permit Person To Drive Motor Vehicle Who Had No Legal Right
Owner Operate Motor Vehicle Without Maintaining Financial Responsibility (Motor Vehicle Required To Be Registered) - 2Nd/Subs Offense
Permit Another To Operate Motor Vehicle Without Financial Responsibility (Motor Vehicle Required To Be Registered) - 2Nd/Subs Offense
Operate Motor Vehicle Owned By Another Knowing Owner Of Vehicle Has Not Maintained Financial Responsibility - 2Nd/Subs Offense
Drive Motor Vehicle On Highway While Owner'S Registration Is Suspended/Revoked Pursuant To Chapter 303
Drive Motor Vehicle On Highway While Driver'S License Is Suspended/Revoked Pursuant To Chapter 303
Drove At Such Slow Speed To Impede/Block Normal And Reasonable Traffic Movement
Unlawfully Operate Low-Speed Vehicle Upon Highway With A Posted Speed Limit Greater Than 35 Mph
Unlawfully Operate Low-Speed Vehicle Upon Highway Without Proof Of Financial Responsibility
Unlawfully Operate Low-Speed Vehicle Upon Highway Without A Valid Driver'S License
Failed To Stop Loaded Bus Or Hazardous/Inflammable/Corrosive Materials Truck For Railroad Grade Crossing
Unlawfully Operate Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle On A Highway - Without A Valid License
Unlawfully Operate Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle On A Highway
Unlawfully Operate Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle - Other Than Without A Valid License
Operate/Drive Motor Vehicle With Disabled Placard Hanging From Rearview Mirror
Failed To Yield To Blind Pedestrian With Guide Dog Or White Cane
Fail To Make Reasonable Effort To Clear Highway Of Substance Causing Injury To Tires/Vehicle When Dropped On Purpose/Accident
Operate/Transport Implements Of Husbandry On Highway Between Sunset And Sunrise
Operated Implements Of Husbandry On State Highway Without Operator'S License
Operated Sludge Disposal Unit On Interstate Highway
Operated Sludge Disposal Unit In Violation Of Special Permit
Width Of Vehicle Exceeded 8 1/2 Feet
Width Of Sludge Disposal Unit Exceeded 11 1/2 Feet
Height Of Vehicle Exceeded 13 1/2 Or 14 Feet
Length Of Single Motor Vehicle Exceeded 45 Feet
Length Of Bus Exceeded 45/46/47 Feet
Length Of Truck And Other Combined Vehicle(S) Exceeded 55 Feet
Length Of Tractor And Semi-Trailer Exceeded 60 Feet
Length Of Tractor, Semi-Trailer And Trailer/Truck And Trailers Exceeded 65 Feet
Length Of Semi-Trailer/Trailer Exceeded 28-28 1/2 Feet
Length Of Semi-Trailer With Load Exceeded 53 Feet On Interstate Or Designated Highway Plus 10 Air Miles
Length Of Loaded Auto/Boat Transporting Exceeded Limit
Length Of Driveway Saddlemount Combination Exceeded Limit
Length Of Articulated Bus Exceeded 60/61/62 Feet
Weight On Tandem Axle Exceeded 34,000 Pounds
Weight On Single Axle Exceeded 20,000 Pounds
Weight On Steering Axle Exceeds 12,000 Pounds/Vehicle Manufacturer'S Rating
Weight On Single Axle Exceeded 22,000 Pounds
Weight On Tandem Axle Exceeded 36,000 Pounds
Gross Weight Exceeded Posted Limit For Bridge
Gross Weight Exceeded 80,000 Pounds
Weight On Livestock/Milk Hauler Exceeds 85,500 Pounds
Weight On Axle Group Exceeded Limit For Interstate Highway
Weight On Axle Group Exceeded Limit For Highway
Weight On Bus Single Axle Exceeded 20,000 Pounds
Weight On Bus Tandem Axle Exceeded 34,000 Pounds
Violate Section 304.184 Regarding Weight Limits For Trucks/Tractor-Trailers/Etc Engaged In Transporting Solid Waste
Violate Section 304.184 Regarding Length/Width Limits For Trucks/Tractor-Trailers/Etc Engaged In Transporting Solid Waste
Height Of Vehicle In Commercial Zone Exceed 15 Feet
Weight On Single Axle Exceeded 22,400 Pounds
Violate Special Permits For Vehicles Regarding Weight Limits
Violate Special Permits For Vehicles Regarding Width, Length, Height, Speed Limit Or Any Other Condition/Restriction Of Permit
Refuse To Weigh Commercial Motor Vehicle Or Submit To A Driver/Vehicle Inspection
Failed To Stop Commercial Motor Vehicle At Weigh Station
Failed To Yield Right Of Way To Pedestrian Facing Walk Signal
Pedestrian Started To Cross Roadway When Signal Exhibited Words "Don'T Walk"
Entered/Traveled In A Lane Over Which A Red Signal Was Shown
Placed Unauthorized Sign/Signal Device On/In View Of Highway
Placed Device/Sign Which Interfered With Effectiveness Of Official Sign/Signals
Placed Commercial Advertising On Official Sign
Altered/Defaced/Injured/Knocked Down Or Removed Sign Or Signal Device
Interfere/Tamper With Airdrome/Flying Field/Airway Or Lights/Markers Or Other Equipment
Scuba Diving Without Marking Area
Operating In Scuba Diver'S Marked Area
Improper Sewage Tank
Not Placing Raw Sewage In Approved System
Not Allowing Marine Toilet Inspection
Outboard Motor Not Registered
Outboard Motor Decal Not Displayed
Fail To Display Lighted Lamps On Motor Vehicle/Motorcycle Drawn Vehicle/Motorcycle As Required (General Law)
Operate Motor Vehicle Without Lighted Lamps When Use Windshield Wipers
Operate Motor Vehicle Without Lighted Lamps During Periods Of Fog
Used Unapproved Lighting Device Or Equipment On Motor Vehicle/Motorcycle Drawn Vehicle Or Motorcycle
Fail To Equip Car/Truck/Bus With 2 Approved Headlamps - 1 One Each Side/On Same Level
Failed To Equip Motorcycle With An Approved Headlamp
Equipped Motorcycle With More Than 2 Headlamps
Failed To Equip Motorcycle Sidecar With An Approved White Light
Violate Section 307.050 Regarding Alternative To Approved Headlamps On Motor Vehicle
Failed To Have Single-Beam Headlamp Properly Aimed With An Intensity To See Persons/Vehicles 200 Feet
Failed To Have Multiple Beam Headlamps On Passenger Car/Truck/Bus
Failed To Have Upper Beam Headlamps Aimed With Intensity To See Person/Vehicle 350 Feet
Failed To Have Low Beam Headlamps Aimed With Intensity To Reveal Person/Vehicle 100 Feet
Operate Motor Vehicle With Low Beam Headlamps Directed To Strike Eyes Of Approaching Driver
Fail To Have Vehicle Equipped With A Proper Beam Indicator For Multi-Beam Headlamps
Failed To Dim Lights When Within 500 Feet Of Oncoming Vehicle/300 Feet Of Rear Of A Vehicle
Failed To Equip Motor Vehicle/Motor Drawn Vehicle With 2 Approved Red Tail Lamps On Proper Level (Knowingly)
Failed To Equip Motor Vehicle/Motor Drawn Vehicle With Rear License Lamp To Illuminate License 50 Feet
Fail To Equip Motorcycle With An Approved Properly Mounted Red Reflector
Fail To Have 2 Approved/Properly Mounted/Visible/Red Reflectors On Rear Motor Vehicle
Operate Motor Vehicle Knowing Inoperable License Lamps/Tail Lamps
Equip Motor Vehicle With More Than 3 Auxiliary Lamps On Front/Mounted Auxiliary Lamps Improperly
Equip Motor Vehicle With More Than 2 Side Cowl/Fender Lamps/Wrong Color Side Lamps
Equip Motor Vehicle With Backup Lamp That Is Lighted When Vehicle Is In Forward Motion
Displayed Lighted Headlamps Of Color Not Substantially White
Displayed Lighted Auxiliary Lamps Of Color Not Substantially White/Yellow/Amber
Displayed Lighted Red Lamp To Front Of Motor Vehicle
Used Lamp Other Than Head/Spot/Directional/Auxiliary On Motor Vehicle Which Projected Beam 75 Feet
Used Alternative Flashing Signal On Commercial Passenger Transport Vehicle/Railroad Passenger Cars Not Loading/Unloadingpassenger
Used Alternative Flashing Signal For Purpose Not School Bus/Mail Transport/Emergency Vehicle/Turn Signal/Load/Unload Passengers
Failed To Have 2 Lighted Headlamps - 1 On Each Side Of Passenger Car/Truck/Bus
Displayed More Than 4 Lighted Headlamps On Front Of Motor Vehicle
Failed To Display Proper Lighted Lamps On Parked Passenger Car/Truck/Bus
Failed To Have Lighted Lamps On Agricultural Machine/Road Machine/Farm Tractor/Or Have Adequate Lamps
Failed To Equip Passenger Vehicle With 2 Sets Of Front Seat Safety Belts (Motor Bus Excluded)
Failed To Display Certificate Of Vehicle Inspection Or Approval
Inspecting Without A Valid Permit
Inspecting At An Unapproved Location
Exceed Private Inspection Station Authority By Inspecting Vehicle Of Person Not Listed In Permit
Furnished/Loaned/Gave/Sold Vehicle Inspection Permit To Unentitled Person
Performed Unauthorized Repairs
Performed Improper Or Incomplete Vehicle Inspection
Possess Stolen/Counterfeit/Illegally Purchased Vehicle Inspection Certificate/Sticker
Failed To Surrender Vehicle Inspection Station Permit
Making/Issuing/Knowingly Using Imitation/Counterfeit Inspection Sticker/Seal/Other Device
Issued Certificate Of Vehicle Inspection Or Sticker Without Valid Permit
Display/Permit Display Of Fictitious Vehicle Inspection Certificate/Sticker
Operate School Bus That Was Inspected And Found Unsafe Without Making Corrections
Motor Vehicle Inspection Violation
Manufacture Liquor Without Proper License
Failure Of Licensee To Report Employment Of Convicted Felon
Sale By The Drink Without License Original Package
Manufacture Or Sale Of Liquor Without License
Sell 32 Ounces Or More Of Beer In Violation Of This Section
Comsumption Of Liquor On Premises Where Sold
Fail To Pay County Treasury Of Permit/License A Fee Not Exceeding Corresponding State Fee Or In Municipality A Fee Not Exceeding 1 1/2 Times State Fee
Possession Of Intoxicating Liquor When Licensed To Sell Malt Liquor Only
Purchasing Liquor From Someone Other Than Wholesaler
Minor Selling Intoxicating Liquor
Permit Minor To Sell Non-Intoxicating Beer
Supplying Liquor To A Minor Or Intoxicated Person
Misrepresentation Of Age By Minor To Obtain Liquor
Purchase/Attempt To Purchase Or Possession Of Liquor By Minor - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Reproduce/Alter/Modify/Misrepresent Without Authorization Any Operator'S License Or Identification Card Issued By Department Of Revenue
Possession Of Liquor Not Authorized In License
Fail To Provide Information Regarding Liquor As Required By This Section
Offer To Sell Or Purchase Close-Out Liquor Merchandise In Violation Of This Section
Violation Of Wholesale Price Regulations
Misrepresentation Of Brand Of Liquor
Brew/Manufacture/Sell Beer Or Malt Liquor When Ingredients Are Not In Compliance With The Standards In Section 311.490
Failure To Destroy Empty Liquor Containers
Possession Of Illegal Or Untaxed Liquor Alcohol
Maintain A Public Nuisance Involving Intoxicating Liquor In Violation Of Section 311.740
Tattoo/Brand/Body Pierce Another While Person Performing Such Is Under The Age Of 18 - Subsequent Offense Within 1 Year
Tattoo/Brand/Body Pierce Another While Person Performing Such Is Under The Age Of 18 - 1St Offense
Unlawful Practice Of Tattooing, Body Piercing Or Branding
Acting As Public Adjuster/Solicitor Without A License
Repair/Replacement Of Damaged Property By Public Adjuster/Solicitor
Transacting Business Without Authority
Disclose Confidential Information Regarding Private Accounts Of A Bank, Trust Company Or Small Loan Business
Officer Or Employee Of Bank Or Trust Company - Settle Check Otherwise Than At Par
President/Cashier/Secretary Of Bank Or Trust Company Fail To Make Or Make False Statement In Report Required By Section 362.295
Officer, Director, Clerk, Or Employee Of Bank Or Trust Company Concealing A Discounted Loan With The Intent To Defraud
Using The Words "Bank", "Banker", Or "Banking" To Designate Business, When Not Engaged In The Business Of Banking
Foreign Banking Corporation-Fail To Make Report Required By Section 362.460
Operate As Common/Contract Carrier In Intrastate Commerce Without Document For Load
Operated Motor Carrier Vehicle Leased To Shipper/Receiver
Operated Leased Motor Carrier Without Copy Of Lease In Vehicle/With Expired Lease Markings
Displayed Altered/Erased/Undated Cab Card With Motor Carrier Vehicle
Fail To Display Name/Permit/Certificate Number On Both Sides Of Motor Carrier Vehicle
Operated As Common Carrier In Intrastate Commerce Without Highways And Transportation Commission Certification
Operated As Contract Carrier In Intrastate Commerce Without Highways And Transportation Commission Certification
Failed To Equip Commercial Passenger-Carrying Vehicle With Proper/Adequate Emergency Equipment
Operate Commercial Passenger-Carrying Vehicle Without Required Emergency Markings For Escape Doors/Windows
Operated Commercial Passenger-Carrying Vehicle With Improper/Defective Coupling Device Articulated
Operate Motor Carrier Without Regulatory Or 72 Hour License Accompanying
Displayed Altered/Fraudulent/Incomplete Public Service Commission Decal/Or Affixed Decal Nonpermanent
Failed To Transfer Public Service Commission Stamp/Cab Card To Substitute Motor Carrier Vehicle
Make Restricted Information Of Missouri Department Of Transportation Available To Public Without An Order From Division Director Or An Administrative Law Judge
Charging Illegal Points Or Fees On Loan
Failure Of Agricultural Warehouse Or Grain Dealer To Display Notification Of State And/Or Federal Licensing Status
Display On Motor Vehicle An Emblem Or Insignia Of Motor Vehicle Club When Not Club Member
Failure To Register A Fictitious Name
Act/Offer To Act As Debt Adjuster Other Than Under Debt Management/Settlement Plan
Violation Of Provisions Relating To Unclaimed Property Information
State Treasurer Disclose Identifying Information Regarding Savings Bonds
Violation Of Marriage Licensing Requirement
Using The Social Security Number Contained In An Application For A Marriage License For Examination Or Copying
Failure To Issue A Record Or Return A Marriage License
Contempt Of Court
Court Clerk Failed To Perform Act Or Duty Required By Law
Practicing Law Without A License
Misconduct Of Notary
Impersonate Notary
Fugitive From Out Of State
Nonpayment Of Fine
Violation Of Sexually Oriented Business Requirements Of This Section
Selling Prohibited Goods On Sunday
Attempt To Influence Employment Decision By Common Carrier, Provide Employment Or Gift To Administrative Law Judge/Employee Of Division Of Motor Carrier
Failure To Comply With Subpoena Or Administrative Proceeding
Violation Of Closed Records Provisions Of The Division Of Motor Carrier And Railroad Safety
Violation Of Any Law/Provision Of Constitution By Carrier/Fail To Obey/Aid In Failure To Obey When There Is No Other Penalty
Violate Registration/Compliance With Code In Manufacture And Sale Of Mobile Homes
Violation Of Provisions Related To Public Restrooms