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Getting traffic tickets or even facing more significant traffic-related offenses in Carrollton, MO doesn’t define your character, and you shouldn’t end up paying excessive penalties for making a error. When you hire a traffic lawyer from Combs Law Group for your Carrollton, MO case, you gain a dedicated professional supporting you who will shield you from unjust judgment and ensure that the legal regulations are applied in your favor, not turned against you, eventually alleviating the difficulties in your life. Discuss your case with us for free to explore the ways in which we could assist you. Call us now at (314) 900-HELP.

Diverse Types of Driving Offenses our Legal Professionals Handle

Be it a minor nonmoving violation or a more significant traffic offense, our Carrollton, MO traffic attorneys possess direct, efficient defenses at the ready. We work tirelessly to possibly reduce fines, ward off points on your license, and maintain your driving record’s blemish-free status.

Most importantly, we shoulder the responsibility and handle the burden of managing Missouri traffic violations for you. Allow us to face the issue and reduce the interruption to your daily routine. Don’t allow this minor inconvenience to snowball into something larger and worse by ignoring or postponing it. Just reach out to Combs Law Group at (314) 900-HELP and entrust our Carrollton, MO traffic attorneys to handle the remainder.

There exist several various types of traffic violations in the state of Missouri and Carrollton, covering a long list of nonmoving violations, moving traffic infractions, and even criminal charges related to driving. Our traffic law and criminal defense firm in Carrollton, MO possesses the expertise and knowledge to protect you against breaches of all sorts, from minor fines to major crimes. Below are merely a selection of some of the more common traffic situations we handle in the Carrollton, MO area.

  • Speeding tickets

    Who among us hasn’t received a speeding ticket in our lives, or at the very least has driven faster than the posted speed limit? We run late, we lose focus, we assume we can escape with driving a couple of miles above. The severity of the citation and the extent of the consequences for a speeding ticket in Carrollton, MO vary on the location where the ticket was issued and how much beyond the speed limit the law enforcement officer clocked you traveling. Our Carrollton, MO traffic attorneys will ensure your speeding ticket isn’t exaggerated and that your rights are preserved.

  • Reckless driving

    Reckless driving includes a wide spectrum of conduct, such as speeding, aggressive driving, weaving through traffic, disregarding traffic signals and driving rules, among other things. Secure Combs Law Group’s capable traffic attorneys in Carrollton, MO to ensure you are not unjustly penalized for a minor lapse in judgment.

  • DWI

    If you are facing DWI charges in Carrollton, MO, our skilled traffic lawyers will protect your legal rights and assist you in building a solid defense. We examine every facet of your case, starting with field sobriety tests and breathalyzer results, to attain the best result while vigorously defending your rights. Learn more about our DWI defense services in Missouri, as well as other significant traffic-related offensese like assault by DWI, drug-related DWIs, and hit and runs.

  • Driving without a license

    A suspended or revoked license creates significant disruption and chaos to your life. Being caught driving without a license, when you have lost that privilege, may intensify into greater problems in the future. Our Carrollton, MO traffic attorneys strive to mitigate the consequences of operating a vehicle without a valid license, promptly seeking to reinstate your driving rights by navigating the intricate legal process and presenting a vigorous case to the appropriate authorities.

  • Running red lights or stop signs

    Disregarding traffic signals, including running red lights or stop signs, forms a violation that could result in accidents and injuries. However, there are times when those signals are not clearly visible, like when an overgrown tree obscures the stop sign from sight or construction disrupts the functionality of a major traffic light. Regardless of the situation, our traffic lawyers will guide you in addressing your ticket.

  • Warrants

    Dealing with outstanding warrants is often overwhelming, but our team of traffic and criminal defense lawyers is adept at handling warrant-related issues. We walk you through the required steps to handle the warrant and effectively navigate the judicial process.

Insights on Responsible Driving from Our Traffic Lawyers near Carrollton, MO

Keep in mind that there exist numerous traffic-related laws and possible infractions that police officers in Missouri might issue. It’s vital to remain up to date about all the latest St. Louis and Missouri state traffic laws. Don’t ever permit yourself to be negligent when it comes to driving. You possess a powerful machine at your fingertips, and a single error has the potential to not only impact your entitlements and liberties, but may likely inflict great harm or even end your life or the life of a loved one.

Common Questions About Carrollton, MO Traffic Tickets

Will I receive points on my driver’s license for a traffic violation in Missouri?

Points are frequently assigned for different moving violations in Missouri, including going over the posted speed limit by over 5 mph or running red lights, but the exact number of points and whether you receive points at all are contingent on whether your ticket is under state, county, or municipal court, as well as how many tickets you have gotten and how serious the violation. To find out precisely how points are assigned for your particular offense, you can refer to the Missouri Department of Revenue. It’s advantageous to have this information at your disposal, so you understand what you’re facing.

When you hire a traffic lawyer from Combs Law Group to represent your Carrollton or Missouri traffic case, we will reduce the number of points you accrue on your license by utilizing the best defenses available to us in your case, and if viable, avoid you getting any points on your license altogether. Our specialists in traffic law in Carrollton, MO employ the law to your benefit.

Do I have to be represented by a legal professional if I’ve received a traffic ticket in Carrollton or elsewhere in Missouri?

While it’s not mandatory, seeking the support of an experienced attorney can be extremely beneficial, but isn’t always necessary in every situation. As experienced traffic lawyers, we may provide insights into the possible consequences of your offense and negotiate penalties or attain the dropping of the ticket entirely. Your confidence is important, and we’re here to help you manage this process with assurance.

When you contact us for a free consultation, we will let you know unfront whether we can add extra benefit by handling the responsibility and securing a more favorable result than you likely could on your own. If that’s not true, we might give you some legal tips and send you on your way.

What are the potential consequences of a traffic infraction in Missouri for someone who drives as part of their employment?

Your livelihood is vital, and we understand your worries. Commercial drivers usually face stricter penalties due to their professional obligations. Your commercial driver’s license, or whatever kind of license you hold, may be endangered if you accumulate too many points, and numerous employers require driving personnel to have clean driving records, although the interpretation of this differs from one employer to another. To gain a clearer understanding of the implications of your particular circumstances, consult a traffic lawyer in Carrollton, MO today.

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We get the consequences that traffic violations can potentially have on your daily life, from financial penalties to rising insurance premiums, revocation of driving rights, and even risk of losing employment. Don’t let traffic violations disrupt your daily routine – reach out with us right away to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards handling your traffic-related legal matters in Carrollton, MO.

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