Theft/Larceny Lawyer St. Louis, MO. Whether simple shoplifting, embezzlement, or more serious theft crimes like grand larceny, being convicted of a theft crime in Missouri can be a real issue for anyone. Criminal penalties for larceny offenses can result in jail time, massive fines, and potentially time in state prison in more severe cases. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you will be facing either a misdemeanor or a felony charge, which, if convicted could both affect your livelihood years after you stepped into a courtroom.

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Theft/Larceny Crime Penalties in Missouri

The law in Missouri regarding theft and larceny is quite detailed. Punishments vary greatly depending on what was stolen, how much, and whether or not this is the accused’s first offense. Special punishment enhancements have also been passed to try and curb what lawmakers see as acute drug or violence problems. The most recent of these enhancements concerns the theft of anhydrous ammonia, commonly used to make methamphetamine: as of 2017, any theft of this substance is automatically a Class B felony.

Here are some important details to remember regarding penalties for theft in Missouri:

  • If the item stolen had a value of less than $150, and this was someone’s first offense, the accused is charged with a Class D misdemeanor
  • If the item stolen was an animal or the accused was found guilty of three previous stealing-related offenses over the past 10 years, the charge shall be a Class E felony
  • If the item stolen had a value of $750 or more, was a car, credit or debit card, or a firearm, the accused is charged with a Class D felony
  • If the item stolen had a value of more than $25,000, the accused will be facing Class C felony charges
  • All other stealing crimes are considered Class A misdemeanors.

Punishments for those convicted of larceny in Missouri vary as well, from a fine of no more than $500 and probation for Class D misdemeanor theft all the way up to 3-10 years in state prison and a maximum fine of $10,000 for those convicted of Class C felony theft charges.

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It has been proven time and time again that those who do not have a reputable St. Louis and Missouri criminal defense lawyer end up receiving the least desirable outcomes in their theft cases. Prosecutors usually offer them worse plea deals that mean they will have a felony on their record for the rest of their lives. This changes someone’s life dramatically: people convicted of a felony can no longer vote, must disclose their conviction to all future employers or landlords, and cannot legally possess a firearm.

Choosing Combs Law Group ensures that you not only work with a criminal defense law firm in St. Louis, MO that will zealously fight on your behalf, but also will honestly and regularly communicate with you throughout the legal process. Our firm prides itself on the fact that our clients always speak with an attorney about their case, not a paralegal or assistant. We have helped many people across the St. Louis, MO area minimize the damage criminal charges can have on their lives and allow them to put these difficult experiences behind them. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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