Murder and Homicide Lawyer St. Louis, MO. Being charged with murder or homicide is something that no one in St. Louis wants to experience. Even a manslaughter conviction in Missouri means that you will be spending a substantial number of years in prison. In addition, first-degree murder charges in Missouri can potentially carry the death penalty–and Missouri is one of the top five states in the US in terms of executions performed since 1976.

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Homicide Charges In Missouri

The state of Missouri divides murder charges into two degrees–where other states have a third-degree murder charge for “crimes of passion”, Missouri officially defines this as “voluntary manslaughter“. First-degree murder, according to MO RS 525.020, is when someone “knowingly causes the death of another person after deliberation upon the matter”, otherwise known as premeditated murder. Second-degree murder is codified under MO RS 565.021, and is when:

  1. someone knowingly causes the death of another person, including when the intent was only to seriously injure them, or;
  2. kills another person in the act of, or while attempting to, committing another felony

Voluntary manslaughter has the same requirements as second-degree murder, but applies when the murder was caused “under the influence of sudden passion arising from adequate cause” or when assisting someone die by suicide.

Both first- and second-degree murder charges are class A felonies. The sentencing recommendation for second-degree murder is the same as the state’s guidelines for all class A felonies–10 to 30 years in prison. However, state statutes codify that the minimum sentence for first-degree murder convictions is either life without parole or the death penalty–hence, first-degree murder is often referred to as “capital murder”.

Voluntary manslaughter, however, is considered a class B felony. These charges automatically carry with them anywhere between five to 15 years’ incarceration. Missouri also has an involuntary manslaughter charge, which applies when someone causes the death of another person due to “recklessness” or “criminal negligence”.

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