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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Hazelwood, MO. When an accident takes place involving a motorcycle, the motorcycle passengers are likely to be injured. As a responsible motorcycle driver, you should be able to enjoy a nice ride on Missouri roads without being harmed. When another driver in Hazelwood, MO injures you because they disregarded the basic rules of the road meant to keep us all safe, you deserve a financial recovery. To receive a complete settlement for your damages, you need a talented Hazelwood, MO motorcycle accident lawyer to fight for you. Combs Law Group is here for you. Speak to a motorcycle crash lawyer in Hazelwood, MO about your case today at (314) 900-HELP or online.

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The Role of the Hazelwood, MO Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The figures regarding motorcycle accidents in Hazelwood, Missouri and throughout the country are staggering. Though motorcycles make up only 3 percent of registered vehicles in the United States, motorcyclists account for 17 percent of motor vehicle occupant fatalities. Motorcycle riders are four times more likely to be hurt than regular passenger vehicle occupants.

By working with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Hazelwood, MO for your motorcycle crash injuries, our job is to both restore your life and protect other motorists; you are not only working toward claiming compensation to make you whole after suffering injuries and other damages, but you are also helping to hold reckless and irrresponsible drivers responsible and protect others from getting injured in an accident. In 2022, the state of Missouri passed a law that allows anyone over the age of 26 to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. Since then, motorcycle accident deaths in the state have risen by more than 40 percent. It is more important than ever to be be a safe Hazelwood, MO motorcycle driver and to take action and hold negligent drivers accountable for the damages they cause.

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Do I Have a Case for a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Hazelwood, MO?

When traveling on our Hazelwood, Missouri and US roadways, we cannot control or predict what others on the road will do. Any time you drive or walk near a high-traffic area in Hazelwood, MO, we have to do our part to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and even perfect strangers with whom we share our roads safe.

Your Hazelwood, MO motorcycle accident and the injuries it has left you with can have a huge and immediate impact on your life. You may feel angry, indignant or betrayed. You have been hurt and deserve justice. Get help with your claim from our Hazelwood, MO motorcycle accident lawyer. Allow us to lead you in your recovery and support you throughout your claim.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident in Hazelwood, MO, you may have a legal claim for compensation. In order for a qualified Hazelwood, MO motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you and demand a settlement, you must meet the legal requirements for a civil Hazelwood, MO personal injury claim. There must be:

  • negligence – the other party behaved in a way that violated the duty of care they owe to keep others safe;
  • injury – you suffered damages — including injuries — in the accident;
  • and causation – your injuries and other damages were a result of the defendant’s behavior.

We have laws and rules in Hazelwood and Missouri to protect us. When someone breaks those rules, a tragedy such as a motorcycle accident with serious injuries can occur. Contact a reputable Hazelwood, MO motorcycle accident lawyer immediately when you or someone you love are injured or killed in a motorcycle accident in Hazelwood or anywhere in Missouri. Time is of the essence when it comes to pursing a complete and fair recovery for your Hazelwood, MO motorcycle accident damages. Get medical care for your injuries, and then call Combs Law Group at (314) 900-HELP or contact us online.

Hiring Your Hazelwood, MO Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: What To Do After an Accident

Any time you or someone you love are involved in a collision on a motorcycle, you should follow these basic steps for what to do after an accident in Hazelwood, MO. At the scene of the crash in Hazelwood, MO, you should:

  1. Get emergency medical care for anyone who is hurt.
  2. Contact the police.
  3. Get to safety or secure the area by using flares, hazard lights or traffic cones to warn oncoming traffic of your presence.
  4. Record the other party’s information including their:Collect the other party’s name, phone number, address, driver license number, license plate number, and insurance information.

Once you have talked to the Hazelwood, MO police officer and have been cleared to leave the scene, get to safety. In the days following your motorcycle accident in Hazelwood, MO, have a medical professional assess your injuries in Hazelwood, MO and start looking for legal help. In Missouri, our comparative negligence laws give injury victims like you a chance to be compensated from those who are at fault for your injuries. Missouri’s statute of limitations for personal injury claims including those from Hazelwood, MO motorcycle accidents gives you five years to act to collect a settlement. Five years might sound like more than enough time, you should act right away and find the right motorcycle accident near you in Hazelwood, MO right away after the accident. Combs Law Group has a team of experienced legal professionals ready to fight for you. Call us now at (314) 900-HELP.

Your Hazelwood, MO motorcycle accident lawyer will explain to you how critical it is that you get medical attention from a professional after being in a motorcycle accident in Hazelwood, MO. Some injuries from auto accidents are immediately obvious and it is evident that medical treatment is necessary. For serious or obvious injuries, you will most likely receive emergency medical invervestions by first responders or be transported from the scene of the accident to a hospital to address injuries like blood loss, burns, broken bones, and other severe injuries.

However, not all injuries present right away. Without timely treatment, a whiplash injury, for example, could become a significantly limiting chronic condition. Concussions and traumatic brain injuries, which can range in severity from mild to life-threatening, can take days or even weeks to appear through a combination of physical, sensory and cognitive symptoms. Due to the risk of such serious injures in Hazelwood, MO motorcycle accidents, you must receive medical care right away after your accident.

Your health and well-being must remain your first priority after being involved in a motorcycle accident in Hazelwood, MO. Your financial recovery and a secure future are important too. Getting a settlement in Missouri for your damages is your opportunity to be made whole again and move forward in life after your Hazelwood, MO accident. With your future in the balance, act quickly and contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Hazelwood, MO as soon as possible after your accident.

The lawyers of Combs Law Group specialize in a variety of Hazelwood, MO personal injury and criminal defense cases. Learn more about a specfic case type below:

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    Common Injuries in Hazelwood, MO Motorcycle Accidents

    No matter what type of injuries you suffer, you deserve to be compensated when you are struck by another driver while riding a motorcycle in Hazelwood, MO. If you or someone you love were hurt in a motorcycle accident that required you to receive medical treatment, you need a motorcycle accident lawyer in Hazelwood, MO to help you get the full recovery you deserve.

    Your Combs Law Group Hazelwood, MO motorcycle accident lawyer has experience representing and helping win great settlements for people whose lives have been affected by a motorcycle accident, whether they themselves were injured or they lost a loved one to a fatal motorcycle accident. After receiving immediate medical care for your Hazelwood, MO motorcycle wreck injuries, call our Hazelwood, MO motorcycle accident law firm right away at (314) 900-HELP.

    Though each crash is unique and can lead to a vast array of different injuries for different people, some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries are:

    Get Help from a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Hazelwood, MO | Combs Law Group

    After you or someone in your family have been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, allow us to begin working for you by speaking to a motorcycle accident lawyer Hazelwood, MO at Combs Law Group. Our team at Combs Law Group is on your side. We will fight for you and negotiate a fair settlement to give you peace of mind and a chance at the life you desire. To receive support and counsel throughout your case and a chance to recover complete damages, call the Hazelwood, MO motorcycle accident lawyers of Combs Law Group today at (314) 900-HELP.

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