Motor Vehicle Tampering Lawyer St. Louis, MO. In Missouri, the concept of “tampering with a motor vehicle” is not just limited to automobiles. If you’ve been accused of stealing or otherwise operating a car, boat, motorcycle, or indeed any object with a gas- or electric-powered motor in St. Louis, MO that is not legally yours, you could be looking at severe penalties and the loss of some of your rights.

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Vehicle Theft Laws in Missouri

As we mentioned above, Missouri considers a “motor vehicle” to be “an automobile, airplane, motorcycle, motorboat or any other motor-propelled vehicle” according to Missouri RS 569.080. This definition includes devices like scooters or lawnmowers that most people do not consider a “vehicle”. The law also includes possessing or receiving a motor vehicle which was previously stolen, as well as “acquiring [a motor vehicle] for a consideration which he or she knew was far below its reasonable value”, as crimes equal to that of actively stealing a car.

All motor vehicle theft crimes in Missouri are classified as “tampering in the first degree”, no matter the value of what was stolen. The state specifies only one punishment for this class of tampering: a Class D felony. While these are one of the lowest classifications of felonies in Missouri state law, with a sentencing guideline that ranges from one year in county jail to seven years in state prison and a fine of no more than $10,000, they are still a felony conviction. This means that following your release from custody you cannot vote in elections or run for office, possess a firearm, and must disclose your previous conviction to landlords and employers.

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