Missouri Parole Laws Lawyer St. Louis, MO. For many Missourians who have been convicted of crimes, probation and parole offer them a way to serve their sentences without ever seeing the inside of a prison. While they may allow St. Louis residents on probation or parole a chance to live their lives and earn a living, those looking at probation or parole should be aware that this freedom comes with a large number of limits–and if you break these rules, even unintentionally, this means you could be going behind bars.

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Parole and Probation in Missouri: Know The Facts

The regulations and expectations of those on parole or probation in Missouri have been collected in what is officially known as the “White Book”. You can read it here in PDF form. Those placed on probation will also be given a certificate at the time of sentencing that explicitly outlines the conditions of their probation. In the White Book, a number of responsibilities and requirements are outlined, including:

  • Those on probation/parole must notify their Probation Officer (PO) if they travel outside state lines
  • Parolees/people on probation must tell the PO their home address, and have to obtain advance permission from a PO before they move
  • While on probation or parole, one must be either employed or enrolled in an approved program (such as school or vocational training)
  • One may not be in possession of any controlled substance while on parole, except for prescription drugs
  • One must report whenever asked to do so to their PO, and pay an intervention fee
  • One may not “associate” with certain people or visit certain places
  • Additional requirements, depending on the case (such as, for example, a prohibition on alcohol consumption for those on probation for drunk driving, or wearing an electronic monitoring device)

Courts are also within the law (specifically Missouri RS 559.021) to change or modify the conditions of probation without notifying you of these changes. Violation of these rules can result in anywhere from an extension of your initial probation, large fines, or the revocation of your probation and be remanded to authorities to be placed in custody.

A St. Louis, MO Probation Lawyer Can Help You Keep Your Freedom

Whether you have only just been offered probation as a condition of your sentence or are well into your sentence, having a reputable St. Louis probation attorney in your phone book is your best strategy if you are accused of a probation violation. You legally have the right to have an attorney at a probation violation hearing, and having one there who knows Missouri’s probation laws can be the difference between you keeping your freedom or going behind bars.

Combs Law Group has helped many people from all across St. Louis, MO navigate the probation and parole process and allowed them to keep their hard-earned freedom. If you are concerned about a potential probation violation, or otherwise would like to discuss particular probation requirements or parole conditions, do not hesitate to contact us online. Our attorneys are committed to client satisfaction and usually will reply to you within the same day in order to discuss your St. Louis probation law question further or set up a free consultation.

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