Hit and Run DWI Lawyer St. Louis, MO. Getting into a car accident is not a fun experience for anyone, but getting into a car accident while you are intoxicated is an entirely different problem altogether. DUI and DWI-related accidents are not uncommon in St. Louis and throughout Missouri, and unfortunately, many of these accidents coincide with another crime–leaving the scene of an accident. Many St. Louis drunk drivers are not making sound judgments when they get behind the wheel, and if they strike another person or car, the chances are high that they will panic and drive away from the scene.

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Hit and Run DWI In Missouri

Missouri law, Revised Statute 577.060 to be specific, clearly lays out what any driver who has been in an accident must do in the immediate aftermath of an accident. They must:

  • Immediately stop, and/or move to a safe area away from traffic
  • Exchange information (name, address, drivers’ license number, insurance and registration) with the other driver
  • Call the police to report the accident

Not performing any one of these requirements constitutes “leaving the scene” of an accident under Missouri law, which is a class A misdemeanor all by itself. However, charges drastically increase depending on the damage incurred as a result of your hit-and-run DWI accident–it only takes $1,000 worth of damage to the other car, or any injury, for a hit-and-run charge to be upgraded to a class E felony. These charges are in addition to whatever driving while intoxicated charges you may be facing, and even though class E felonies are the lowest class under Missouri law they still carry between 1 and 4 years’ imprisonment. And even after your sentence is complete, your freedom remains restricted with a felony on your record: you must disclose your conviction history to potential employers or landlords, cannot hold certain jobs, and are prohibited from owning a firearm.

Depending on the jurisdiction that tried your Missouri hit and run DWI case, your driving privileges may also automatically be revoked regardless of whether your DWI charges were dismissed or dropped. Missouri’s license points system has a maximum 12-point penalty for leaving the scene of an accident, which is an instant revocation of your driving license as the law calls for a 365-day driving ban if someone gets 12 points on their license in a 12-month span. You will also see your car insurance rates drastically increase, as well as being required to have an SR-22 insurance form on file with the state that proves your insurance meets Missouri’s minimum liability standards.

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