Gun Charge Lawyer St. Louis, MO. While the state of Missouri is a largely pro-firearm state, with regulations relating to matters like concealed carry being loosened in recent years, its state laws against illegal weapons are some of the harshest around. In addition, the definition of “illegal weapon” is not just limited to firearms — knives, explosives, and even pellet guns are included in these laws. If you have a felony conviction on your record, not only can you not legally possess a firearm, but if you are caught with one you could also face federal charges, with the lengthy sentences to match.

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What Are Missouri's Gun Laws?

What Are Missouri’s Gun Laws?

The state has long been considered to have a permissive view regarding the Second Amendment, and over the past few years Missouri lawmakers have expanded the right to bear arms to make Missouri one of America’s most gun-friendly states. The state no longer requires a license or advanced training to carry a firearm (under a principle known as “constitutional carry“), although concealed carry permits are still issued. Missouri law also incorporates the castle doctrine, which eliminates the duty to retreat when someone is inside their own home.

Where Is it Illegal to Carry a Gun?

Where Is it Illegal to Carry a Gun in St. Louis and Missouri?

Missouri also places few limitations on where guns cannot be carried: Missouri Revised Statute §571.107 defines this list, which includes:

  • Any police, sheriff or highway patrol office station (without the permission of the chief officer in charge)
  • Within 25 feet of any polling place on election day
  • Any adult or juvenile detention or correctional institution, prison or jail
  • Courthouses or court offices
  • Any meeting of a government body
  • Any licensed alcohol vendor
  • Airports (past security checkpoints)
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Parts of a building used as a child care facility
  • Any riverboat gambling operation accessible by the public
  • Gated areas of an amusement park
  • Any private property whose owner has placed notices that the premises is off-limits for firearms
  • Sports arenas or stadiums with a capacity of 5,000 or more
  • Hospitals

If you are caught with a concealed firearm in one of these areas, and have a CCW permit, you will not be charged with any crime, but you likely will be asked to leave the premises. If you do not have a permit, you can be charged with a crime.

Types of Gun Violations and Charges

Types of Gun Violations and Charges in St. Louis, Missouri

While Missouri laws regarding guns may seem permissive to the outsider, certain uses of them are still illegal. Under Missouri Revised Statute §571.030 these include:

  • Setting a spring-gun
  • Discharging or shooting into a dwelling, house, railroad train, boat, aircraft, motor vehicle, or any other building or structure where people gather
  • Brandishing or waving a gun in a threatening manner
  • While intoxicated, negligently handling or using a gun, or discharging a gun while not in self-defense
  • Discharging a firearm within 100 yards of a school, courthouse or church
  • Discharging a firearm on, along or across a public highway
  • Carrying a firearm into a place of worship, into an election precinct on election day or any building operated by a government agency
  • Shooting into or out of a motor vehicle
  • Shooting at any person, motor vehicle or building while not acting in self-defense
  • Carries a firearm into a school, onto a school bus or any activity sponsored by a school
  • Defacing a firearm (removing or concealing a serial number)

Punishments for these Missouri gun charges vary. Additionally, certain crimes, like assault and battery, carry stiffer penalties if they allegedly occurred when you had a gun on your person.

Being in possession of a firearm while also having an illegal drug, with the exception of small quantities of cannabis, is a class E felony punishable by up to four years in state prison.

  • Reduced

    First Degree Murder and ACA

    For First Degree Murder and ACA, with plea negotiations man received 13 years when looking at life.


    Shooting, Assault and ACA

    Man Charged with Shooting from a motor Vehicle, Assault 1 and ACA amended to a misdemeanor with probation.


    Unlawful Use of a Weapon

    Case dismissed for man charged with Unlawful Use of a Weapon.



First Degree Murder and ACA

For First Degree Murder and ACA, with plea negotiations man received 13 years when looking at life.


Shooting, Assault and ACA

Man Charged with Shooting from a motor Vehicle, Assault 1 and ACA amended to a misdemeanor with probation.


Unlawful Use of a Weapon

Case dismissed for man charged with Unlawful Use of a Weapon.

Possessing A Gun In Missouri As A Felon

Possessing A Gun In Missouri As A Felon

If someone in Missouri has been convicted of a felony, regardless of whether they have entirely completed their sentence, they are barred for life from carrying a firearm unless it is strictly for hunting purposes. The penalty for this is a class D felony, which carries along with it a sentence that ranges from one year in county jail to up to seven years in Missouri state prison. If you were convicted of a “dangerous felony” as defined under Missouri Revised Statute §556.061, you can be charged with a class C felony. It is not illegal to possess an antique firearm.

Furthermore, if you have been convicted of a number of other crimes, owning a firearm is a federal weapons offense. These restrictions apply to:

  • Those who were dishonorably discharged from the military
  • Anyone convicted of misdemeanor domestic assault
  • Anyone currently subject to an order of protection related to a domestic dispute
  • Anyone under the age of 18
How a Gun Charge Lawyer Can Help

How a Gun Charge Lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri Can Help

If you’ve been charged with a gun crime in St. Louis, it’s vitally important to do things: remain calm and remember your rights. Cooperate with law enforcement; you can give them identifying information, but don’t answer questions you don’t need to. Then, stick to your Miranda Rights. You have a right to remain silent, and a right to an attorney. Seek out an attorney as soon as possible.

Once you hire our services, our St. Louis, MO gun charge lawyers will:

  • Listen to your side of the story
  • Conduct a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding the allegations, and into law enforcement’s own investigation
  • Make sure your Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment or Sixth Amendment rights were violated
  • Examine witness reliability
  • Work with you to develop a legal strategy that best protects your freedom and future
  • Explain our legal options to you, and the pros and cons of each
  • Answer the phone when you call, 24/7

As your St. Louis, MO gun charge lawyer, we’ll work to have evidence that was unlawfully obtained kept out of court. We’ll work to have your charges reduced if not completely dismissed. If the evidence is stacked against you, we can negotiate with prosecutors to reach a plea bargain to significantly reduce the punishment for the offense and avoid jail time.

But, Combs Law’s gun charge lawyers in St. Louis, MO are at our best in the courtroom; we are not afraid to take your case to trial in search of a not-guilty verdict if we have to.

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Contact An Experienced Gun Charge Lawyer

Contact An Experienced St. Louis, MO Gun Charge Lawyer

Between federal and state charges, and the ever-changing nature of Missouri‘s gun laws, if you are facing gun charges in St. Louis, contacting a reputable St. Louis, MO gun crimes attorney is your best bet. Combs Law Group has worked with all sorts of St. Louis-area residents who have been accused of violating state and federal firearms laws. Our holistic approach to criminal defense means that our firm will work tirelessly to get you the best outcome for your case, whether it is a plea deal, a winning trial strategy, or outright dismissal of your charges.

Choosing a lawyer for your St. Louis, MO criminal charges is an incredibly important decision. Our firm invites you to view some of our previous results, as well as what some of our previous clients have had to say about their experiences working with Combs Law Group. We offer free consultations to all our clients, so you have no need to worry about being able to afford a top St. Louis, MO gun charges lawyer. Don’t delay in calling (314) 900-HELP–your freedom is at stake.