Felony Lawyer St. Louis, MO. Being charged with a felony in Missouri is no joke. Missouri has some of the most serious and stringent felony statutes in America, which is bad news if you happen to be someone who has been arrested and charged with a felony crime. When someone is arrested for a felony, they are usually in the dark as to what the implications are, as well as how it will impact their lives. In addition, facing felony charges is highly stressful and deeply worrying for the accused.

If you have been recently arrested for a felony and you’re looking for answers and support, Combs Law Group is the place to turn to. Our firm is one of the most reputable criminal defense law firms in St. Louis, MO, and we have the knowledge and experience you need to navigate your way through the criminal justice system. We have tried hundreds of felony cases in Missouri and can help you minimize the overall impact of felony charges on your life. Call us today and we can provide you a free, confidential consultation with a St. Louis felony lawyer that will hopefully answer all the questions you are asking about your felony charges.

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The Different Types of Felonies

The State of Missouri classifies felonies into five different levels:

  • Class A felonies are the most serious type of felonies and have the most serious punishment mandates. If you are convicted of a Class A felony, you could be facing at a minimum 10 to 30 years in prison, with fines not being a factor. Murder charges are typically Class A felonies, so you should always have legal representation if charged with a Class A felony.
  • Class B felonies are also very serious crimes that result in anywhere between 5 and 15 years in prison if convicted. Crimes like rape, assault (first degree), and domestic violence (first degree) are all examples of Class B felonies in Missouri. Again, these are all very serious crimes, and if you’ve been charged with one you will want to hire a skilled criminal defense lawyer.
  • Class C felonies are considered moderate to serious crimes in Missouri. Penalty guidelines for these felonies call for between 3 to 10 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines. The range of criminal acts considered Class C felonies is quite broad in Missouri: first-degree sexual assault is a prime example of a Class C felony, as is involuntary manslaughter. Since there are such a diverse amount of crimes grouped as Class C felonies in Missouri, prosecutors and judges are given a lot of flexibility in terms of sentencing mandates.
  • Class D felonies are considered less serious crimes under Missouri law. Penalty mandates for Class D felonies call for up to 7 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines. Examples of Class D felonies are resisting arrest or passing bad checks.
  • Class E felonies are the least serious felonies within Missouri statutes. If convicted of a Class E felony you may face up to four years in prison and a maximum $5,000 fine.

Regardless of the type of felony you may be facing, the reality is that prison time is a highly likely outcome if you are convicted. Thus, it is very important that you contact us today to discuss all your options.

Implications of a Felony Arrest and Conviction

As you probably know by now, a felony arrest is a very serious matter regardless of the type of felony charge you are facing. If you are arrested for a felony, it is crucial that you do all you can to avoid a felony conviction. Felony convictions have long-term ramifications on your life. If someone is a convicted felon in Missouri as well as most other states across the country, they are prevented from exercising some important rights and liberties. Common restrictions felons face in Missouri and elsewhere include:

  • You are barred from voting in local, state, and federal elections
  • You cannot be employed by certain governmental bodies, including as a police officer or firefighter
  • You cannot benefit from state or federal welfare programs
  • You cannot possess a firearm unless it is strictly for hunting
  • You cannot sell alcohol or lottery tickets

If that is not hard enough, a felony conviction has long-term implications on your career prospects. Most companies ask potential employees whether they have been convicted of a felony during the application process. While many will say that a felony conviction will not rule you out of getting a job, the reality is that most companies consider it a black mark on your record. If they have two candidates of equal experience and knowledge, and one has a felony conviction on their record, it is highly likely they will choose the candidate who does not have a conviction. (It is important to note, though, that the city of St. Louis has barred all employers in the city, both public and private, from considering criminal history when making hiring or promotion decisions. There are several exceptions to what has been called the “Ban The Box” law, namely jobs that by law require companies or government bodies to exclude people with certain convictions.)

Furthermore, a felony conviction stays on your record for life. In other words, ten years from now you will still need to answer questions about a crime you committed ten years prior and would most likely want to entirely put behind you. Needless to say, a felony conviction is a life-altering event that most people will want to avoid at all costs. Employment background checks will typically look for and highlight felony convictions, whereas a misdemeanor may or may not show up in a criminal background check, depending on the type of check that is performed.

  • Reduced

    Indecent Exposure

    St. Louis man avoids sex offender registration.


    Felony Hit and Run

    Felony hit and run charges reduced to probation.



Indecent Exposure

St. Louis man avoids sex offender registration.


Felony Hit and Run

Felony hit and run charges reduced to probation.

Can a Felony Be Removed From Your Record in St. Louis and Missouri?

In Missouri, a felony can be removed from someone’s record under specific circumstances. This process is called a Felony Expungement, and several years ago, Missouri passed a new law that widened the scope of felony crimes that can be expunged from a record. This new law provides some hope for those who have been convicted of a felony because if they meet all its requirements, they have the potential for the crime to be permanently removed from their records. This means that whenever someone looked into their criminal background, such as during a background check for a job, it is highly likely the crime will not be discovered. We invite you to contact us if you are considering a Missouri felony expungement and have any other questions regarding this process.

Can You Get a Probation for a Felony in St. Louis, MO?

In Missouri, it is possible to get probation for a felony conviction. This is typically in the form of an SIS (suspended imposition of sentence) or an SES (suspended exposition of sentence). When you have been charged with a felony, it’s possible, with the help of a top criminal defense lawyer in St. Louis, to work a plea arrangement with the prosecuting attorney assigned to your case. Combs Law Group has handled dozens of cases where the best possible outcome for our client was an SIS/SES. With an SIS, the client agrees to be put on probation for a specific period of time. If they successfully complete the probation, their felony conviction will not show up on their criminal record. In most cases, we have found the use of an SIS to be a very positive one for our clients. Although they will still be convicted of a felony and pleaded guilty, the end result is that their careers, jobs, and other negative consequences of a felony are diminished. Call us today to discuss your case and we can determine if an SIS or SES is a viable solution to your felony case.

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