Federal Drug Charges Lawyer St. Louis, MO. Any crime that involves the crossing of state lines is considered a federal crime–and with the St. Louis metropolitan area encompassing two different states, this means that it is highly likely that your St. Louis drug case will be handed over to federal prosecutors. If that happens, you will need a defense attorney that is ready to fight fiercely for your rights, and is not afraid of the big budgets and intricate tactics of the DEA and the Justice Department. In addition, federal drug sentences are often much harsher than those at the state level, and decisions you might make during your trial may affect your ability to appeal your sentence or ask for clemency.

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Why Federal Drug Charges Are Serious

As part of what has long been known as “the War on Drugs”, the US government has enhanced and strengthened penalties against those convicted of drug crimes. The federal government has passed laws that set mandatory minimum sentencing standards for any drug conviction. These vary from anywhere between 15 days in prison (for simple possession of a controlled substance with 1 or more prior convictions) to life in prison (for “drug kingpin” laws, repeat offenders, or committing a violent felony with multiple prior convictions). These sentences also vary based on the amount of drugs in one’s possession, as well as if you had a firearm in your possession when you were arrested.

Federal drug charges also carry with them a number of other important features. Parole has largely been eliminated at the federal level, so if you are sentenced to a certain amount of time in prison, you will serve every day of that term. If you choose to sign a plea bargain, your rights to appeal your sentence will be severely limited, regardless of whether new evidence emerges that might exonerate you. Federal prosecutors and judges also rarely allow for home confinement or probation as a sentence–if you are convicted at the federal level, it is almost guaranteed you will spend time in a Bureau of Prisons facility.

In addition, federal drug charges often are not the only federal charges you will be facing. Prosecutors often attach federal drug charges to other substantial allegations, such as money laundering charges or violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. These are often punished just as, if not more, harshly compared to federal drug charges, so you will need to work with a defense attorney who understands the gravity of these additoinal charges.

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