Drug Paraphernalia Lawyer St. Louis, MO. Although it may not seem like it, possessing drug paraphernalia is a very serious offense in the eyes of the state of Missouri. It is also one of the most common drug offenses our criminal defense lawyers see in St. Louis and throughout Missouri. Many people, sadly, make the mistake of dismissing the grave nature of drug paraphernalia charges.

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Drug Paraphernalia Offenses: The Basics

Usually, a drug paraphernalia charge is the result of police finding someone in possession of tools, materials, or products that are well-known to be used for the production or ingestion of illegal drugs. These can include pipes, syringes, or needles, as well as scales or bags. Many drug paraphernalia charges are usually filed as misdemeanors. However, if you are also found to be involved in drug manufacturing or drug distribution, these charges can be upgraded to felonies.

If you are convicted of a drug paraphernalia charge, the penalties can range from a fine and probation all the way up to a year in jail and a fine of no more than $2,000. You may also be subject to onerous probation stipulations, like random drug testing or being banned from possessing alcohol.

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