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Criminal Defense Attorney in Ashland, MO. If you have recently been arrested and charged with a crime, you know the gravity of the charges that you are looking at. Even being convicted of a minor misdemeanor could cause you to pay a hefty fine, serve time in county jail, or have to spend several years under probation. Facing a felony conviction only increases these consequences: not only will you likely have to spend several years in the Missouri state prison system, following your release you will no longer be entitled to certain rights or privileges that most people assume they have. Convicted felons are barred from owning guns, running in an election, or holding certain jobs. Also, in many cases they will be required to disclose their status as a convicted felon on rent or employment applications, which usually heavily curtails where they can live or work.

The skilled Ashland, MO criminal defense attorneys at Combs Law Group have helped many Ashland-area residents fight criminal charges. Our firm gets that sometimes decent people can be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and our firm works to minimize the effect criminal charges can have on your reputation, life, and freedom. Our record of success is notable among Ashland criminal defense law firms, and we place client satisfaction at the heart of everything we do — just ask the satisfied Ashland clients who have worked with Combs Law Group. Call us today at (314) 900-HELP, or contact us online, for a free, no-obligation review of your Ashland, MO criminal case.

Ashland, MO Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing a criminal charge is a scary enough proposition, but when the charges you are facing are federal charges, they demand an extra level of legal intelligence and concern. United States prosecuting attorneys are driven to win by any means necessary: the Justice Department often touts that it has a conviction rate of roughly 90 percent. The overwhelming majority of those convictions are plea bargains, where a defendant negotiates a lesser punishment or charge in exchange for an admission of guilt. Federal prosecutors will stop at nothing to coax a guilty plea, make sure that you spend years in a Bureau of Prisons facility, and carry a federal conviction on your record for the remainder of your life.

At Combs Law Group, our Ashland, MO criminal defense attorneys have vast and proven experience in taking on federal criminal defense cases and achieving positive outcomes for our clients. Our firm is not scared to take on any opponent, whether they are local municipal prosecutors or federal attorneys, and fight tirelessly on our clients’ behalf. We have assisted many Ashland-area residents who were looking at all manner of federal criminal charges defend themselves against these charges and put what is an undoubtably troubling experience behind them.

Fixing Traffic Tickets In Ashland, MO

If there’s one thing that Ashland drivers do not want to see behind them, it’s the distinctive sight of police sirens pulling them over for a moving violation. Motorists all around Ashland, MO know that local municipal law enforcement uses traffic tickets not to punish reckless drivers, but sometimes as additional revenue sources (especially if the municipality you are driving through has a dwindling property tax base, or indeed does not levy property tax on homeowners).

Being given a traffic ticket in Ashland, MO isn’t just a pain, it’s also a financial penalty. If you decide to pay your Ashland traffic ticket, you essentially plead guilty to the charges you were pulled over for and they go on your driving record. Depending on the severity of your offense, you could be staring down a suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, and your car insurance premiums will greatly increase. Tickets in general cannot be expunged from your driving record for a minimum of three years, as well, meaning that if you are pulled over another time during this period you could be facing increased penalties.

More and more Ashland drivers are choosing Combs Law Group as their Ashland traffic ticket lawyer, and with good cause. Combs Law Group brings unmatched legal knowledge to all its cases, even small moving violations. Our firm works tirelessly to make sure that the charges on your traffic ticket are reduced to non-moving violations (which, after you’ve paid them, do not stay on your record or affect insurance premiums) or have your ticket dismissed due to an irregularity in your stop. Best of all, our top-notch Ashland traffic ticket lawyer services come at an exceptional value: just $49.99 for most cases, giving you access to premier legal services at a price you would not expect. If you have recently been given a traffic ticket in Ashland, MO and do not want it to hamper your driving record, call us now at (314) 900-HELP to speak with our firm and start the process of fixing your Ashland traffic ticket.

A Full-Service Ashland, MO Criminal Defense Attorney

The experienced Ashland, MO criminal defense attorneys at Combs Law Group defend all cases and criminal charges, like:

Selecting the right Ashland, MO lawyer can be the difference between your case being ended favorably and you spending time in jail. Unlike other Ashland defense attorneys, our firm places complete satisfaction at the heart of everything we do. When you choose Combs Law Group, you can be confident that you will receive 24/7 access to the Ashland criminal defense lawyer working on your case. No matter what time it or where you are, you can talk to us about your case, the legal process, or any other topic.

When you are facing criminal charges in Ashland, from a simple traffic ticket for failing to properly signal to federal felonies, call Combs Law Group first. Talk to us at (314) 900-HELP or contact us online to schedule a free consultation, but before that we suggest that you take a look at what some of our previous clients have said about their time working with the driven Ashland, MO criminal defense attorneys at Combs Law Group.

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