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Criminal Attorney in Richmond Heights, MO. No matter why you’re in this situation, you have the same privileges as everyone else in the United States. The criminal attorney defense team at Combs Law Group is devoted to aggressively and relentlessly working with the judicial system to get the best possible results for all of our Richmond Heights, MO clients. We work on criminal cases ranging from credit card fraud to murder and homicide charges. Whether you’re accused of a crime you didn’t commit, a situation was outside of your control or you simply did something you now regret, we will fight hard for you and passionately enforce your rights and freedom. Call a criminal attorney in Richmond Heights, MO today at (314) 900-HELP or contact us online for a no-obligation consultation.

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Anytime you’re facing a criminal charge, the first thing on your mind is having your freedom put in jeopardy. The United States has more inmates per capita than any other country. The best way to avoid incarceration in Richmond Heights, MO is with the aid of a knowledgeable and dedicated criminal attorney. We understand that, however you got here, facing criminal charges is a situation nobody wants to be in. Let us fight for you and get your charges reduced or dismissed and negotiate with a prosecutor and judge or defend you in trial to avoid incarceration. Get in touch with a criminal attorney in Richmond Heights, MO today at (314) 900-HELP.

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How a Criminal Attorney in Richmond Heights, MO Can Help

Criminal attorneys know the judicial system, the laws that guide them, how to talk to a prosecutor and how to defend you in front of a jury. Some of what we can help with are:

Delay or Stop Formal Charges

After an arrest, a criminal attorney can talk to a prosecutor or district attorney in Richmond Heights, MO, show them evidence that corroborates your side of the story, and stop the charges from being filed or charge you with a less serious crime.

Enforce Your Rights

When Richmond Heights, MO law enforcement believes they have made a legitimate arrest, they’ll go to great lengths to obtain the evidence needed to prosecute. According to a 1969 Supreme Court Decision, testimony obtained in deceitful interrogations can still be presented in court. A criminal attorney will let you know what to say and what not to say and verify law enforcement does not violate:

Investigate Your Case

A criminal attorney in Richmond Heights, MO will conduct a thorough investigation, often more in-depth than that of police, in an effort to discover physical evidence and witnesses that will help get your charges reduced, dismissed, or help secure a not guilty verdict. We’ll also examine how the evidence brought against you was obtained, and if any of your rights were violated or if there are holes in the state’s case.

Develop a Defense Strategy

Depending on the quality and amount of evidence the state has, we’ll work with you to develop the best defense strategy. In some cases, it may be best to work with the court to obtain a reduction in charges. We may be able to ask the judge for a more lenient sentence because of mitigating circumstances. In other cases we may be able to prove you did not committed the crime or, if we proceed to trial, persuade a jury that the state has not fulfilled the burden of proof of beyond a reasonable doubt. Did you have a reliable alibi? Was key evidence contaminated? Is there somebody else that may have committed the crime? We’ll do everything possible to persuade a jury they cannot ethically find you guilty with what was presented in court.

Provide You With Sound Legal Counsel

A Combs Law Group criminal attorney will be sincere with you about the odds of success for different defense strategies. We understand you’d like to be acquitted. However, sometimes that may be the best decision to make. No matter what, we’ll be by your side and defend you how based on the decision you make for yourself.

Cases Our Criminal Attorney in Richmond Heights, MO Takes

Your Richmond Heights, MO criminal attorney has experience reducing, dismissing, and winning acquittals in a variety of cases, from traffic violations to Class A felonies like murder. Some of the charges we see most often are:

Whatever alleged crime occurred in Richmond Heights, MO, Combs Law Group is not here to pass judgment or rebuke you for past mistakes. We understand that situations get out of hand, or we can become involved in situations outside of our control. For empathetic, devoted and expert legal representation, get in touch with a criminal attorney at Combs Law Group today at (314) 900-HELP.

Public Defender or a Private Richmond Heights, MO, MO Criminal Attorney?

The option of a free public defender can be attractive, but the truth is you’ll have a better chance of success by hiring a private Richmond Heights, MO criminal attorney like those at Combs Law Group. For starters, public defenders often have enormous case loads. A 2014 Study of the Missouri Public Defender System stated that Richmond Heights, MO public defenders have two to three times the workload they should in order to provide an adequate defense. While there are excellent public defenders, they are human and the amount of work they have to do may mean they cannot devote as much time necessary to your case.

Another study found that prosecutors offer better deals when a private defense attorney is involved in order to avoid a lengthy trial. It also found that private criminal attorneys on average secure prison sentences five years shorter than public defenders, despite private attorneys generally taking on more serious cases.

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Criminal Attorney Richmond Heights, MO | Criminal Justice | Criminal Defense Lawyers Near Richmond Heights

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When you call us, one of our criminal attorneys will give you a no-obligation case evaluation with no disapproval, regardless of the nature of your charges. We sincerely care about all of our clients and about getting them the best result. You’ll always speak directly to the attorney handling your case — not a paralegal. Whether you did nothing wrong or the evidence is stacked against you, we’ll give you the dedicated, aggressive and compassionate legal representation you are entitled to. Call criminal attorney in Richmond Heights, MO today at (314) 900-HELP or contact us online for a free consultation.