Class E Felony Lawyer St. Louis, MO. Class E felonies are a relatively recent addition to Missouri’s criminal code, only created in 2017. Class E felonies are primarily non-violent crimes such as insurance fraud or tax evasion. However, a number of violent crimes can be punished as class E felonies, including assault, stalking, and harassment. Persistent DWI offenders can also be subject to class E felony charges, as well. Class E felony charges in St. Louis, MO is punishable by up to four years incarceration (which can either be in state prison or county jail) or a fine of up to $10,000. It is important to note that Missouri class E felonies have no mandatory minimum sentence. However, they are still felonies, and if you are convicted of one your rights will be severely curtailed. You will not be allowed to own a gun, run for public office, or hold certain jobs, and your voting rights will be limited.

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Class E Felonies
Breach Of Confidentiality Regarding Taxes
Committed Acts Prohibited By Elected And Appointed Public Official And Employees — 2nd And Subsequent Offense
Accept/Receive Compensation As Paid Political Consultant — 2nd Or Subsequent Offense
Ethics Violation By Elected Official Or Lobbyist — 2nd Or Subsequent Offense
Commit Prohibited Acts By Members Of General Assembly And Statewide Elected Officials — 2nd Or Subsequent Offense
Committed Act Prohibited By Members Of Governing Bodies Of Political Subdivisions — 2nd Or Subsequent Offense
Violate Section 130.028.1 Regarding Discrimination/Intimidation In Elections
VIolation Of Chapter 142 Motor Fuel Requirements And Regulations To Defraud
Motor Fuel Tax Evasion
Knowingly/Recklessly Alter Cigarette Package And/Or Sell/Distribute/Possess Cigarettes Not In Compliance With Federal Regulations
Extract/Falsify/Forge The Hospital Do Not Resuscitate Order/ID Of Another Person Without Consent Or Cancel/Withhold Personal Knowledge Of Revocation
Willfully Or Attempt To Prevent/Obstruct/Mislead/Delay Communication Of Info/Records Re: Violation Of Health Care Payment Fraud And Abuse
File A False Report Or Claime/Allege A Violation Of Regulation Re: Health Care Payment Fraud & Abuse: — 2nd/Subsequent Offense
Receive Compensation In Exchange For Failing To Report A Health Care Fraud Or Abuse Violation
Providing False Information To Vital Records
Make/Counterfeit/Alter/Amend/Mutilate Certificate/Record/Report
Obtain/Possess/Use/Sell/Furnish Or Attempt Of Counterfeit/Altered/Amended/False Record
Employee Furnish/Process Certificate For Fraud/Deception
Knowingly Possess Fraudulent/Stolen Certificate/Record/Report
Knowingly Disturb/Destroy/Remove/Vandalize/Damage A Marked Or Unmarked Burial Site
Profiting From Human Remains — 2nd Or Subsequent Offense
Profiting From Cultural Items — 2nd Or Subsequent Offense
Abandonment Of A Corpse
Knowingly Resell Any Donated Prescription Drug
Abuse/Neglect Of Client Or MIssappropriation Of Client Property By Hospice Employee
Offering Bribe To Health Facilities Review Committee — 2nd Offense
Operate Residential Care Facility Without Valid License Wherein Abuse Or Neglect Has Occurred
Administrator Knowingly Conceals Act Of Abuse/Neglect Of A Residential Care Resident Resulting In Death/Serious Physical Injury
Misappropriation Of Funds Of Elderly Nursing Home Residents
Use Of Medicaid Reimbursement Money For Unauthorized Purpose
Misrepresent/Conceal Facts Regarding Medicaid Or Convert Benefit For Payments
Solicit Or Receive Kickback, Bribe, Rebate From Vendor Or Health Care Provider
Offer Or Make Kickback, Bribe, Rebate From Vendor Or Health Care Provider
False Statement Or Representation By Health Care Provider
Doing Business As Food Stamp Vendor Without License — 2nd Offense
Filing A False Report Of Child Abuse Or Neglect — 2nd Or Subsequent Offense
Willful Violation Of Sections 214.320, .330, .335, .340, .360, .385, Or .387 Re: Endowed Care Fund By Cemetary Operator
Knowingly Furnish, Deliver, Receive, Or Consent To Receive Unfit Food To/For Offenders
Escape From Custody/House Arrest — St. Louis City
Delivery Or Possession Of Alcohol Or Spirituous Or Malt Liquor At A County/Private Jail Or Correctional Facility
Damage To Jail/Jail Property
Sale Of Wildlife Taken In Violation Of Dept. Of Conservation Regs — 1st/Subsequent/Less Than $500
Failure By Operator Of Recovery/Waste Processing Facility Or Landfill To Notify DNR Of Prior Convictions
Failure By Provider Of Solid Waste Management Services To Notify Subdivision Of Prior Convictions
Criminal Disposition Of Demolition Waste
Receive Money/Goods/Services To Permit Another To Dispose Construction/Demolition Waste On Property
Criminal Disposition Of Solid Waste
Release Swine In A Wild/Feral State On Public/Private Land Without Proper Enclosure — 3rd Or Subsequent Offense
Bribing Livestock Market Operator Or Veterinarian To Violate Provisions Of Chapter 277
Employee Refusal To Complete Child Support Withholding Form
Employee States On Withholding Form That Child Support Is Not Owed When Such Employee Knowingly Owes Support
Knowingly Present/Cause To Be Presented A False Worker's Compensation Claim
Refusal By Insurance Company/Self-Insurer To Comply With Compensation Obligation W/ Intent To Defraud
Prepare/Provide Invalid Certificate Of Insurance As Proof Of Worker's Comp Insurance
Knowingly Misrepresent Any Fact In Order To Obtain Worker's Comp Insurance At Less Than The Proper Rate — Subsequent Offense
Failure Of Employer To Insure Liability Under Worker's Comp Law — Subsequent Offense
Violation Of Any Of The Provisions Of Section 287.128.3 Regarding Claims For Worker's Comp Benefits
Intentionally Disclose Or Fail To Protect Confidential Info Relating To Unemployment Compensation Claim — 2nd Or Subsequent Offense
Fraud/Misrepresentation Related To Employment Security Benefits — 2nd Or Subsequent Offense
Sale/Possession Of Equipment Or Parts With Altered/Missing/Falsified Identiffication Numbers
Remove Or Deface Manufacturer's Number On Special Mobile Equipment
Buy/Sell/Receive/Possess Special Mobile Equipment That Is Defaced/Altered/Destroyed
Failure Of Motor Vehicle Dealer/Manufacturer Or Boat Dealer/Manufacturer To Obtain License — Subsequent Offense
Sale Of 6 Or More Motor Vehicles In Calendar Year Without Registering As Motor Vehicle Dealer — 2nd Or Subsequent Offense
Operated Vehicle On Highway Without Valid License — 3rd And Subsequent Offense
Operated Motorcycle When Driver's License Not Validated For Such Operation — 3rd And Subsequent Offense
Driving While Revoked/Suspended
Drive Commercial Motor Vehicle While Revoked — 4th/Subsequent Offense
Drive Commercial Motor Vehicle While Revoked — 2nd/3rd Offense
Produce/Manufacture/Sell/Distribute Fraudulent Document/Photocopy/Mobile Image As Insurance Identification Card
Fail To Stop For School Bus Receiving/Discharging School Children — Injury To Child/Sec. 304.070
Violation Of Laws Pertaining To Riverboat Gambling Ownership
Misuse Of Bingo Receipts
Manufacturing Or Possession Counterfeit Lottery Tickets
Testifying Falsely To Horse Racing COmmission
Violation Of Laws Pertaining To Riverboat Gambling
Promoting Or Participating In Combative Fighting
Improper Label — Fire Protection Equipment
Possess, Sale, Transport, Ship, Or Use Illegal Explosive For Consumer Use
Knowingly Falsify Fingerprints/Photograph/Other Information Required To License Private Investigator
Violation Of Licensing Rules/Regulation For Private Investigator And Agency (324.1100-.1148 Except 324.1142) — 2nd/Subsequent Offense
Fraudulent Use Of Nursing Title Under Section 335.076
Fraudulent Use Of Nursing Credentials Under Sec. 335.086
Receipt Of Drugs From Unlicensed Distributor Or Pharmacy — 2nd Offense
Officer, Enrollment Officer, Or Employee Of Health Service Corp — Use/Permit Others To Use Assets Of The Corp For Private Gain
Make A False Statement/Certificate/Entry In Insurance Investigation
Unlawfully Engage In The Bail Bonds Business — 2nd/Subsequent Offense
Licensed Agent Failed To Inform Law Enforcement Of Apprehension — 2nd/Subsequent Offense
Surety Recovery Agent Failed To Report To Local Law Enforcement Agency Prior To Entering Residence — 2nd/Subs. Offense
Unlawful Acts Under Sec. 374.789 RE: Surety Recovery Agent/Bail Bondsman
Violation Of Assumption Reinsurance Agreement Transfer Requirements
Unlawful Transaction Of Insurance Business By A Person/Association/Corporation W/O Certificate Or License
Conceal, Transfer, Or Destroy Any Property Or Document Belonging To An Insurer
Commission Of Fraudulent Insurance Act
Violate 380.391 Re: Misuse Of Asset Of COmpany Operating Under Provisions Of Sec. 380.201.591
Making False Statement To Director Of Insurance
Discharge A Firearm Or Weapon At Railroad Train Or Rail-Mounted Equipment
Trespass To Railroad Property With Damages Over $1,500 Or Injury Or Death
File Property Lein To Harass/Defraud Or File False/Fraudulent Lien
Deceptive Business Practice
Unlawful Merchandise Practice Mispresent/Unfair Practice In Connection w/Sale And/Or Advertise For Soliciting Funds For Charity
Failure To Obtain Approval On Time Share Promotion
Violation Of Order Prohibiting Unlawful Merchandising Practices
Telemarketer/Seller Knowingly, Willfully Engage In An Unlawful Telemarketing Act/Practice
Violating Provisions Regarding Regulation Of Travel Clubs
Engaging/Attempt To Engage In Pyramid Sales Schemes
Willfully/Knowingly With Intent To Defraud The Credit User Protection Law Sec. 407.430-407.436
Odometer Fraud — 2nd Degree
Falsifying Odometer Reading
Willfully/Knowingly Engage In Unlawful Subleasing Of Motor Vehicle
Purposely Violate Any Provision Involving Weights/Measurements — 3rd/Subsequent Offense Or Used/Possessed Altered Commercial Device
Unlawfully Surrender Custody/Transfer Custody Of Minor Child Without Obtaining Court Order Approval/Order Transferring Custody
Violation Of Order Of Protection For Adult — 2nd Offense
Violation Of Child Protection Order — 2nd Or Subsequent Offense
Using A Closed Judicial Record For Financial Gain
Impersonate Notary (Involving Property)
Illegal Wiretapping In Violation Of Section 542.402
Failure To Appear — Felony
Assault Motivated By Discrimination — 3rd Degree
Tampering With Property Of Another — 2nd Degree — Motivated By Discrimination
Property Damage Motivated By Discrimination — 2nd Degree
Rioting Motivated By Discrimination
Harassment Motivated By Discrimination To Frighten Or Disturb Another Person
Trespass Motivated By Discrimination — 1st Degree
Involuntary Manslaughter — 2nd Degree
Assault — 3rd Degree
Domestic Assault — 3rd Degree
Domestic Assault — 4th Degree — 2nd Or Subsequent Offense
Harassment — 1st Degree
Interference With Custody — Removed From State Or Concealed
Parental Kidnapping
Child Abduction
Filing False Report Of Elder Abuse — 2nd Or Subsequent Offense
Knowingly Fail To Report The Suspected Abuse Or Neglect Of A Vulnerable Person — 2nd Or Subsequent Offense
File A False Vulnerable Person Abuse Report — 2nd/Subsequent Offense
Stalking — 1st Degree — 1st Offense
Stalking — 2nd Degree — 2nd Or Subsequent Offense
Invasion Of Privacy
Child Molestation — 4th Degree — Child Less Than 17 YOA And Offender Greater Than 4 Years Older
Sexual Misconduct Involving A Child Under 15 — 1st Offense
Sexual COntact W/ Student
Sexual Abuse — 2nd Degree — Aggravated Sexual Offense
Sed With An Animal — Previous Conviction Under Section 566.111
Sexual Conduct With A Nursing Facility Resident Or Vulnerable Person — 1st Deg. — 2nd Or Subsequent
Sexual Conduct With Prisioner Or Offender By Probation/Parole Officer/Employee Of Jail, Prison, Correctional Facility/Law Enforcement Officer
Prior Offender Reside Within 1000 Ft Of School/Child Care Facility After Conviction/Plea Spec Offense — 1st Offense
Fail To Notify Sheriff Of Prior Residency Within 1000 Ft Of School/Child Care Facility — 2nd/Subsequent Offense
Sex Offender Present/Loiter Within 500 Feet Of Park With Playground/Pool — 1st Offense
Age Misrepresentation With Intent To Solicit A Minor (Via Any Electronic Communication) For Sexual Misconduct
Sex Offender Serving As Coach/Manager/Trainer Any Sports Team When Child Less Than 17 Years — 1st Offense
Contribute To Human Trafficking — Misuse Of Documentation
Prostitution — Persistent Offender
Patronizing Prostitution — 14 Yrs And Younger
Patronizing Prostitution — Persistent Offender
Promoting Prostitution — 3rd Degree
Non-Support — Total Arrears In Excess Of 12 Monthly Payments Due Under Order Of Support
Endangering Welfare Of A Child In Ritual/Ceremony, 2nd Degree
Knowingly Burning Or Exploding
Tampering With Utility Meter — 2nd And Subsequent Offense — 2nd Degree
Tampering With Computer Data To Defraud Or Obtain Property
Tampering With Computer Equipment To Defraud Or Obtain Property
Tampering With Computer Equipment, Computer, System, Or Network
Tampering With Computer User/s To Defraud Or Obtain Property
Property Damage, 1st Degree
Violate Section 569.132 Regarding Crop Loss — Value $750 Or More
Possession Of Burglary Tools
Stealing — Animal
Stealing — 4th Or Subsequent Stealing Offense Within 10 Years
Altering Or Removing Item Number To Deprive Lawful Owner
Passing Bad Check
Fraudulently Stop Payment Of An Instrument
Fraudulent Use Of Credit/Debit Device
Financial Exploitation Of Elderly/Disabled Person
Defrauding Secured Creditors
Misapplication Of Funds Of Financial Institution
Check Kiting
Identity Theft/Attempt Identity Theft — 2nd Offense
Operate Audio/Video Recording Device In Motion Picture Theater W/O Consent Of Owner/Lessee — 2nd/Subs Offense
Violation Of Stolen Valor Act Re: Misrepresent Veteran Status/Medals/Decoration/Badge/Ribbon/Button — 2nd Offense
Violation Of Stolen Valor Act — Misrepresent The Award Of Medal/Decoration/Badge/Ribbon/Button — 2nd Offense
Violation Of Stolen Valor Act Re: Use Of Veteran Title — 2nd Offense
Violation Of Stolen Valor Act Re; Listed Medals of Distinction
Unlawfully Receiving Public Assistance Benefits/EBT Card (Value Less Than $750) — 2nd Offense
Unlawful Conversion Of Public Assistance Benefits/EBT Card (Value $750 Or More)
Unlawful Conversion Of Public Assistance Benefits/EBT Card (Value Less Than $750) — 2nd Offense
Unlawful Transfer Of Public Assistance Benefits/EBT Card (Value Less Than $750) — 2nd Offense
Perjury In Application For Public Assistance
Unlawful Possession, Transport, Manufacture, Repair Or Sale Of Illegal Weapon
Unlawful Use Of Weapon — Subsection 2-Spring Gun
Unlawful Use Of Weapon — Subsection 3 — Discharge Into Home, Motor Vehicle, Or Other Transportation Method
Unlawful Use Of Weapon — Subsection 4 — Exhibiting
Unlawful Use Of Weapon — Subsection 5 — While Intoxicated — Loaded Weapon
Unlawful Use Of Weapon — Subsection 10 — Carries Loaded Weapon Into School, Bus, Premises, Function
Unlawful Use Of A Weapon — Subsection 11 —Possess Weapon And A Felony Controlled Substance
Fraudulent Purchase Of A Firearm
Promoting Gambling — 1st Degree
Promoting Obscenity — 1st Degree
Promoting Pornography For Minors Or Obscenity — 2nd Degree — 2nd Or Subsequent Offense
Furnish Pornographic Material Or Attempt To Furnish To A Minor — 2nd Offense
Public Display Of Explicit Sexual Material — 2nd Offense
Coercing Acceptance Of Obscene Material
Making Obscene Or Indecent Commercial Messages — 2nd Offense
Disrupt A House of Worship — 3rd Or Subs. Offense
Institutional Vandalism
Terrorist Threat — 2nd Degree
Cross Burning — 2nd Or Subsequent Offense
Concealing A Felony
Hindering Prosecution Of Felony
Perjury In A Procedure Not Involving A Felony Charge
Making A False Bomb Report
Tampering With Physical Evidence In Felony Prosecution
Resisting/Interfering With Arrest For A Felony
Resisting Arrest/Detention/Stop By Fleeing — Creating A Substantial Risk Of Serious Injury/Death To Any Person
Endanger Correctional Employee/Visitor/Another Offender By Attempt/Knowingly Cause Person To Come In Contact With Bodily Fluid(s)
DMH Offender Endanger DMH Employee, Visitor, Other Person Or Offender By Attempt To Or Knowingly Cause Person To Contact Bodily Fluids/Feces
Aiding Sexual Offender To Elude Law Enforcement Re: Noncompliance With Sex Offender Registration Requirements
Failure To Execute Warrant
Escape From Commitment, Detention, Conditional Release From State Mental Hospital/DMH
Escape Or Attempted Escape From Custody While Under Arrest For Felony
Escape Or Attempted Escape From Confinement
Failure To Return To Confinement To Department Of Corrections
Permitting Escape
Acceding To Corruption — Felonyu Prosecution/Testify Falsely
Knowingly Cause The Death Or Disablement Of A Police Animal
Bribery Of A Public Servant
Acceding To Corruption By A Public Servant
DWI — Persistent
DWI — Physical Injury
BAC — Persistent Offender
BAC — CMV (.04-.079) — Persistent Offender
BWI — Persistent
BWI — Physical Injury
Boating BAC — Persistent Offender
Negligent Operation Of A Vessel — 3rd Or Subsequent Offense
Leaving Scene Of Accident — Physical Injury
Leaving Scene Of Accident — Property Damage Exceeding $1,000
Leaving Scene Of Accident — 2nd Offense
Failure To Report A Shooting — Prior Offense
Remove Baggage Or Cargo From Bus Or Terminal Without Owner's Consent
Animal Abuse — 2nd/Subsequent Offense Or By Torture And/Or Mutilation While Animal Was Alive
Owner/Possessor's Dog Bites Person/Domestic Animal (2nd/Subs. Bite) Bite And Previous Bite Each Result In Serious Injury
Dog Fighting
Knowingly/Intentionally Releasing An Animal — 2nd/Subsequent Offense
Violation Re; Baiting/Fighting Of Animal Or To Permit/Promote/Conduct/Advertise/Collect Fee Re: Baiting/Fighting Of Animal
Prohibited Acts Against Animal Research And Production Facilities
Willfully Provide Incomplete/False Information Regarding International Marriage Broker Services
Failure Of International Marriage Broker To Provide Notice/Information Required To Recruits Of Broker
Intentionally Release A Large Carnivore
Delivery Of 35 Grams Or Less Marijuana/Synthetic Cannabinoid
Unlawful Delivery Of Drug Paraphernalia — For Commercial Purpose
Manufacture Of 35 Grams Or Less Marijuana/Synthetic Cannabinoid
Furnish Materials For Production Of A Controlled Substance
Unlawful Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia — Amphetamine Or Methamphetamine
Unlawful Manufacture Of Drug Paraphernalia — Commercial Purpose
Delivery Or Manufacture Of Imitation Controlled Substance
Unlawful Marketing Of Ephedrine Or Psuedoephedrine
Distribution Of Controlled Substance In VIolation Of Registration Requirements
Unlawful Delivery Of Controlled Substance By Manufacture Or Distributor
Possession Of Anhydrous Ammonia In Nonapproved Container
Intentionally Inhale/Smell Fumes Or Induce Another To Inhale/Smell Fumes Of Any Solvents — Subsequent Offense
Induce Symptoms Of Intoxication/Possess Solvent/Possess Or Use Alcoholic Beverage Vaporizer — Subsequent Offense
Intentionally Possess/Buy Solvent To Induce/Aid Another In Violating Sec. 597.097-.099 — Subsequent Offense
Keeping Or Maintaining A Public Nuisance
Possession Of Methamphetamine Precursors
Failure To Report Suspicious Transactions By Manufacturer/Wholesaler
Fail To Register As A Sex Offender Pursuant To Sec. 589.400-.425
Failure To Register As A Sex Offender Pursuant To Sec. 589.400-.425 — 2nd Offense
Knowingly Uses Expunged Records Of Arrest For Financial Gain
Patient/Resident/Client Abuse Or Neglect In Mental Health Facility Or Program — Brutal Or Life Threatening
Knowingly File False Report Of Abuse/Neglect Of Mental Health Patient — 2nd/Subsequent Offense
Failure To Report Suspected Abuse/Neglect Of A Mental Health Patient — 2nd Or Subsequent Offense