Class D Misdemeanor Lawyer St. Louis, MO. Even though Class D misdemeanors are the lowest class of misdemeanor under Missouri law, this does not mean that they are not serious charges. In addition to a fine of no more than $500, you may have to perform community service and be placed on probation for a Class D misdemeanor in Missouri. A conviction will also go on your criminal record for life, which could affect your chances of employment and being able to fully live your life the way you want to.

The criminal defense attorneys at Combs Law Group can help you if you have been charged with a Class D misdemeanor in Missouri. They take the time to listen to their clients and formulate an effective defense strategy for their unique circumstances. Our firm takes every bit of evidence in your case into account and works hard to get you the best possible outcome for your case.

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Class D Misdemeanors
Knowingly Dispose/Cause Disposal Of More Than 2000 Pounds Or More Than 400 Cubic Feet Of Personal Construction/Demolition Waste On Property
Operate Vehicle On Highway Without A Valid License - 1St Offense
Operate Motorcycle When Driver'S License Not Validated For Such Operation - 1St Offense
Operate Vehicle With An Instruction Permit Or License Issued To Another - 1St Offense
Driving While Revoked/Suspended - 1St Offense
Willfully Refuse To Furnish Required Alcohol/Drug Related Records To Hwy Patrol/Dor
Operate Motor Vehicle Owned By Another Knowing Owner Of Vehicle Has Not Maintained Financial Responsibility - 1St Offense
Owner Operate Motor Vehicle Without Maintaining Financial Responsibility (Motor Vehicle Required To Be Registered) - 1St Offense
Permit Another To Operate Motor Vehicle Without Financial Responsibility (Motor Vehicle Required To Be Registered) - 1St Offense
Prohibited Towing Of Vehicle From Scene Of Accident - 1St Offense
Purchase/Attempt To Purchase Or Possession Of Liquor By Minor - 1St Offense
Minor Visibly Intoxicated/Blood Alcohol Content More Than .02% - 1St Offense
Stealing - Value Less Than $150 And No Prior Stealing Offense
Possession Of Marijuana/Synthetic Cannabinoid Of 10 Grams Or Less
Unlawful Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia