Class B Misdemeanor Lawyer St. Louis, MO. Class B Misdemeanors, as their name would suggest, are the second-most severe class of misdemeanors under Missouri law. If you have been convicted of a Class B misdemeanor in Missouri, you could be facing up to six months in county jail and a fine of as much as $1,000.

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Class B Misdemeanors
Filing False Report On Highway Patrol Emergency Telephone System
Knowingly Move/Remove/Deface Or Destroy Boundary Marker, Bench Mark Or Horizontal Control Monument
Violation Of Service Of Process - Agents In St Louis City
Violations Of Licensing Regulations And Procedures For Private Security Personnel And Organizations
Committed Acts Prohibited By Elected And Appointed Public Officials And Employees - 1St Offense
Ethics Violation By Elected Official Or Lobbyist- 1St Offense
Elected/Appointed Official Violate Registration Limitation As Lobbyist-1St Offense
Commit Prohibited Acts By Members Of General Assembly And Statewide Elected Officials - 1St Offense
Committed Act Prohibited By Members Of Governing Bodies Of Political Subdivisions - 1St Offense
Misrepresentation Or Omission Of Facts In Financial Interest Statement
Commercial Use Of Centralized Voter Registration Database
Motor Vehicle Fuel Transportation Offense
Making False Statement Regarding Prior History For Purposes Of School Enrollment
Provide Emt Services Without A License Or Impersonate An Emt
Illegaly Use, Sell Or Possess Epinephrine Auto-Injector Device
Illegal Disposal Of An Epinephrine Auto-Injector Device
Misusing "911"
Operate Stretcher Van Service Without Valid License From The Department Of Health And Senior Services
Violate, Assist Or Enable Another To Violate Any Provision Section 190.525 - 190.537
Promoting Sale Of Drug Paraphernalia Or Imitation Controlled Substance
Offering Bribe To Health Facilities Review Committee - 1St Offense
Deny Or Interfere With Rights Of A Blind, Deaf Or Physically Disabled Person
Chasing/Harassing A Service Dog
Impersonate Person With Disability For The Purpose Of Receiving Accommodation For Service Dog Under Americans With Disabilities Act - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Person Hired As Childcare/Eldercare/Mental Health Worker Failed To Complete Registration Form Within 15 Days Of Employment
Misuse Of Family Care Registry Information
Digging Or Removal Of Plants/Plant Parts From Any County/State Highway Or Roadway
Activities Violation In A Non-Designated Conservation Area
Filing False Report Regarding Conservation Violation
Violation Of State Wildlife Statutes Law
Violation Of Endangered Species Law
Fraud Related To Geological Work
Altering Geologist Work - Operation With Expired/Suspended/Revoked Registration
Violate Provisions Of Section 276.536 Regarding Stockyards/Grain/Produce Exchanges
Willfully Violated Or Failed To Comply With Sections 290.210- 290.340 Regarding Prevailing Hourly Wages On Public Works
Failure To Register Motor Vehicle/Trailer Annually With Director Of Revenue
Owner/Lienholder Failed To Surrender Title Of Reconstructed Vehicle To Department Of Revenue
Fail To Register Out-Of-State Registered Vehicle/Trailer In Missouri When Missouri Resident
Fail To Register Commercial Property Carrying Vehicle For Sufficient Gross Weight
Fail To Register Commercial Passenger Carrying Vehicle For The Seating Capacity
Fail To Register Commercial Property/Passenger Carrying Vehicle For Beyond Local Operation
Fail To Register Vehicle As Commercial Motor Vehicle When Vehicle Is So Designed/Constructed/Modified
Physician Or Other Health Care Practitioner Falsely Verify Or Certify A Disability For A License Plate
Fraudulently Obtain/Use A Disabled Person License Plate/Windshield Placard
Improper Certification For Disabled License Plate Or Windshield Placard
Fail To Return Handicap License Plate/Windshield Placard Of Deceased Person
Use Handicap License Plate/Placard Without Authorization
Refusal Of Subpoena From Department Of Revenue/Refusal To Be Sworn/Produce Evidence
Drive Commercial Vehicle With Willful/Wanton Disregard For Safety
Drive Commercial Motor Vehicle Under Influence Of Controlled Substance
Possess Fraudulent Document/Photocopy/Mobile Image As Insurance Identification Card
Failed To Report Accident To Department Of Revenue Within 30/10 Days
Refused To Surrender Driver License/Registration To Department Of Revenue When License Suspended Or Revoked
Exceeded Posted Speed Limit (Exceeded By 20 - 25 Miles Per Hour)
Exceeded Posted Speed Limit (Exceeded By 26 Miles Per Hour Or More)
Operated A Motor Vehicle In A Careless And Imprudent Manner
Change Lanes When Movement Could Not Be Made With Safety On Roadway Having 3 Or More Lanes - Causes Immediate Threat Of An Accident
Failed To Obey Official Signs Temporarily Designating Lanes- Causes Immediate Threat Of An Accident
Made U-Turn/Left Turn On Divided Highway Not At Intersection/Interchange/Any Signed Location - Causes Immediate Threat Of An Accident
Failed To Drive Within Single Lane On Roadway Having 3 Or More Lanes - Causes Immediate Threat Of An Accident
Drove Wrong Direction On Highway Divided Into Two Or More Roadways - Causes Immediate Threat Of An Accident
Failed To Drive On Right Half Of Roadway When Roadway Was Of Sufficient Width - Causes Immediate Threat Of An Accident
Drove In Center Lane Of 3 Lane Roadway When View Obstructed Or Not Clear Of Traffic - Causes Immediate Threat Of An Accident
Failed To Drive In Right Hand Lane Of Roadway With 3 Or More Lanes When Traveling At Speed Less Than Normal - Causes Immediate Threat Of An Accident
Failed To Drive Within Right Lane Of Highway With 2 Or More Lanes In The Same Direction - Causes Immediate Threat Of An Accident
Truck More Than 48,000 Pounds Fail To Drive In Right Hand Lane Of Roadway With 3 Or More Lanes - Causes Immediate Threat Of An Accident
Fail To Place Vehicle Not In Motion As Near Right Hand Side Of Highway As Practicable - Causes Immediate Threat Of An Accident
Unlawfully Use A Traffic Signal Preemption System To Control Traffic
Transport Hazardous Material In/Through Highway Tunnel - 1St Offense
Illegally Parked A Vehicle Containing Hazardous Material Within 300 Feet Of Any Highway Tunnel - 1St Offense
Nonregistration Of A Vessel
Permit Operation Of A Boat Without Registration
Expired Registration
Numbers Not Displayed On Both Sides Of Vessel
Violation Of The 60 Day Reciprocity Of Watercraft
Registration Decals Not Displayed On Watercraft
Missing Or Illegible Registration Numbers On Watercraft
Registration Numbers Not Spaced Properly On Watercraft
Registration Not Aboard - Vessel
Registration Not Displayed On Vessel
Improper Numbers Displayed On Vessel
Registration Number Not Contrasting In Color On Watercraft
Improper Size Or Placement Of Registration Numbers
Number Other Than Registration Number Displayed On Bow
Improper Registration Of Vessel
Altering/Removing Outboard Motor Identification Number
Displaying Numbers Other Than Awarded
Notification Of Change Of Address
Failure To Furnish Department Of Revenue Notice Of Transfer
Failure To Furnish Department Of Revenue Notice Of Destruction
Failure To Furnish Department Of Revenue Notice Of Abandonment
No Muffling Device - Vessel
Sound Exceeding 86 Decibels
Navigation Bulb Burned Out
Displaying Lights Other Than Prescribed On Watercraft
Not Displaying Navigation Lights
Insufficient Personal Flotation Devices
Personal Flotation Device In Non-Serviceable Condition
Not United States Coast Guard Approved Personal Flotation Device
Personal Flotation Devices Not Readily Accessible
No Ventilation Of Watercraft
Improper Watercraft Ventilation
Insufficient Number Of Watercraft Fire Extinguishers
Watercraft Fire Extinguisher Not United States Coast Guard Approved
Watercraft Fire Extinguisher Not In Serviceable Condition
No Watercraft Sound Producing Device
Watercraft Sound Producing Device Non-Serviceable
No Watercraft Bell
Watercraft Bell Not Serviceable
Failure To Terminate Due To Overloading Of Watercraft
Failure To Terminate Due To Insufficient Personal Flotation Device
Failure To Terminate Due To Insufficient Fire Extinguisher
Parasailing Violation Without Observer Or Between Sunset And Sunrise
Towing Skier Without A Mirror Or An Observer
Towing Skier Between The Hours Of Sunset And Sunrise
Skiing Between The Hours Of Sunset And Sunrise
Towing Skier So As To Make The Skier Collide With Any Object
Manipulating Skis Or Similar Device To Collide With Object Or Person
Under Age Operator Of Motorboat Not Under Direct Supervision
Operating Motor Boat While Under 14 Years Of Age
Obstruction To Navigation So As To Endanger Operation Of Watercraft
Mark Waterways So As To Endanger Operation Of Watercraft
Mark Waterways So As To Conflict With Prescribed Marking System
Operated Vessel In Violation Of Regulatory Markers
Moore/Fasten/Tamper/Remove/Obstruct/Interfere With Regulatory Marker
Operate Motorboat, Vessel, Watercraft Exceeding 30 Miles Per Hour 0Ne-Half Hour After Sunset Or One Hour Prior To Sunrise On Designated Waterways
Operating Motorboat In Careless Or Imprudent Manner
Excessive Rate Of Speed Of Watercraft
Failure To Exercise Highest Degree Of Care Of Watercraft
Excess Of Slow/No Wake Speed Within 100 Feet Of Dock/Pier/Occupied Anchored Boat Or Buoyed Restricted Area
Fail To Dislay/Improper Display Of Specified Ski Flag From 11 O'Clock A.M. To Sunset
Knowingly Operate Watercraft In Excess Of Slow-No Wake Speed Within Fifty Yards Of A Vessel Displaying Red Flag
Allowing Person To Ride On Gunwale/Top Of Seat/Back Railing/Decking Over Bow Or Back Of Boat
Operate Vessel On Lake Without Boating Safety Identification Card
No Permit For Regatta/Race/Parade/Exhibition/Tournament
Failure To Stop Or Obey Reasonable Direction Of Water Patrol Officer Or To Yield To Emergency Watercraft
Did Not Render Assistance After A Watercraft Accident
Failure To Give Name And Address After Watercraft Accident
Failure To Report Watercraft Accident Or Collision
Operate Personal Watercraft In An Unsafe, Reckless Or Imprudent Manner
Operate Personal Watercraft In Excess Of Slow No-Wake Speed Within 50 Feet Of Any Vessel Or Person In/On Water
Pull Person On Water Skis, Surfboard Or Similar Device Behind Personal Watercraft Without Observer/Approved Mirror
Operate Personal Watercraft Without All Persons Aboard Wearing Personal Flotation Device Approved By United States Coastguard
Lanyard Type Of Engine Cutoff Switch Not Attached To Person'S Body, Clothing Or Personal Flotation Device While Operating Watercraft
Authorize Or Knowingly Permit Operation Of Personal Watercraft In Violation Of Section 306.142
Operating Personal Watercraft Without Supervision While Under 14 Years Of Age
Failure To Keep Rental Records Of Watercraft
Allowing Rental Boat To Depart Premises Without Required Equipment
Any Person Who Refuses Or Interferes With Any Inspection Of Boat/Vessel For Compliance With Watercraft Regulations
Obstruct/Impede Flow Of Traffic On Waters Of This State - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Improper Registration Of Outboard Motor
Fail To Keep Proper/Made False Motor Carrier Driver'S Record- Exceeded Maximum Driving Time
Operate As Motor Carrier Without Medical Certificate
Fail To Remain With/Attend Motor Carrier Vehicle Transporting Hazardous Material
Smoked/Carried Lighted Cigarette Within 25 Feet Of Motor Carrier Vehicle Transporting Hazardous Materials
Fail To Properly Mark Motor Carrier Vehicle Transporting Hazardous Materials
Driver Under 21 Years Of Age Transported Hazardous Material
Driver Used Radar Detector While In Commercial Motor Vehicle
Operate Commercial Motor Vehicle Equipped With Or Contained A Radar Detector
Required Or Permitted Driver To Operate Commerical Motor Vehicle Equipped With Or Containing A Radar Detector
Operate Motor Carrier Vehicle With Improper/Defective Lights/Signaling Device/Reflector Or Electric Devices
Operate Motor Carrier Vehicle With Vision Reducing Damage/Vision Discoloration/Glazing Covered
Fail To Equip Motor Carrier Vehicle With/Maintain Required Brake System
Fail To Properly Install/Protect/Cover Battery Or Wiring On Motor Carrier Vehicle
Fail To Properly Mount/Secure/Vent/Maintain Fuel Tank/Lines On Motor Carrier Vehicle
Operate Motor Carrier Vehicle With 5Th Wheel In Position To Interfere With Safety/Weight
Operate Motor Carrier Vehicle On Tires With Fabric Exposed/Inferior Load Rate/Groove Depth
Operate Motor Carrier Vehicle With Wipers Not In Condition To Provide Clear Driver Vision
Operate Motor Carrier Vehicle In Ice/Snow/Frost Conditions Without A Defrosting Device
Fail To Display Red Flag/Lamp On Projection Exceeding 4 Feet From Motor Carrier Vehicle
Fail To Equip Motor Carrier Vehicle With Mirrors Capable Of Reflecting Clear Rear View
Operate Motor Carrier Vehicle With Improper/Defective Tow Bar/5Th Wheel/Saddle Mount Or Pintle
Fail To Equip Motor Carrier Power Unit With Fire Extinguisher Properly Filled/Accessible
Fail To Equip Motor Carrier Vehicle With Devices To Assure Load Would Not Shift/Fall
Operate Commercial Motor Vehicle Or Trailer That Was Declared Out-Of-Service For Inadequate/Defective Equip/Hazardous Material Markings
Miscellaneous Federal Motor Carrier Code - Any Federal Motor Carrier Charge Not Itemized In This Section Shall Be Assigned This Code
Operate Commercial Motor Vehicle While Driver Is Subject To An Out-Of-Service Order
Operate/Display Motor Carrier Vehicle Knowing Defect In Exhaust Could Be Hazardous To Occupant
Operating Commercial Motor Vehicle Without Seatbelt
Operated Motor Carrier Vehicle With Unsafe/Improper Frame/Suspension/Axle/Wheel/Rim Or Steering System
Fail To Stop Person Under 21 From Drinking/Possessing Intoxicating Liquor
Trespassing 1St Degree (Gambling Boat)
Present False Id To Gain Entry To Gamblng Boat, Cash Check, Verify Person Is Legitimately Entitled To Be Present On Boat -1St Offense
Person Under The Age Of 21 Years Making/Attempt To Make A Wager While On An Excursion Gambling Boat - 1St Offense
Aid Person < Age Of 21 Years In Entering Gambling Boat Or Make/Attempt To Make Wager While On Such Boat - 1St Offense
Permitting A Person Under The Age Of 21 Years To Make A Wager - 1St Offense
Licensee Exchange Tokens Etc. For Use On Gambling Boat For Anything Of Value Except Wagers Or Exchange Of Money Or Pay For Food Or Drink
Operating Lodging Establishment Without A License
Failure To Notify An Operator Of An Underground Facility When Excavating
Perform Or Require Another To Perform Activities Within 10 Feet Of High Voltage Overhead Lines
Load/Fire Explosives Or Direct/Order/Cause Individual To Load/Fire Explosives Without Valid Blaster'S License Or Without Supervision Of Individual With Blaster'S License - 1St Offense
Violate Fire Protection Ordinance-1St Class Counties
Knowingly Violate, Participate In Or Accessory To Violate Any Provisions Regarding "Occupational Therapy Practice Act"
Engage In Or Offer To Engage In Perfusion Without A Valid Clinical Perfusionist License
Acting As A Certified Clinical Perfusionist Without A Valid Certificate
Violation Of Acupuncture Law
Fraudulently Misrepresent One'S Self As A Parent (Regarding Tattoo)
Knowingly Tattoo/Brand/Body Pierce A Minor Without Written Consent Of Minor'S Parent - 1St Offense
Tattoo/Brand/Body Pierce Person Under The Influence Of Intoxicating Liquor Or Controlled Substance - 1St Offense
Obtain License To Practice Podiatric Medicine By False Statements/Presenting Fraudulent Diploma/Certificate/License
Practicing/Advertising As Physical Therapist Without License
Practicing/Advertising As Physical Therapist Assistant Without License Or Use Such Letters/Abbreviations/Title
Violate Any Provision Of Sections 337.600 To 337.689 Regarding Social Work
Violation Of Sections 337.700 - 337.739 - Violation Of Regulations On Marital And Family Therapists/Provisional Marital And Family Therapists
Person Or Business Entity Violate Provisions Of Sections 339.010-.180 And 339.710-.860 Regarding Real Estate
Manager Or Member Or Officer Or Partner Or Agent Of Business Entity Participate In/Accessory To Violation Of Provisions Of Sections 339.010-.180 And 339.710-.860 Regarding Real Estate
Fraudulently Obtain Or Attempt To Obtain Real Estate Appraiser'S License Or Practice As An Appraiser Without A License
Violates Or Personally Participates Or Is An Accessory To Any Violation Of Sections 339.500-339.549
Operating As An Audiologist Without A License
Operating As A Speech Or Language Pathologist Without A License
Violation Of Speech Or Language Pathologist Or Clinical Audiologist Provisions
Practicing As Speech Pathologist Or Audiologist Without A License
Engage In Practice Of Fitting Hearing Instruments Or Advertise Practice Without A Valid License
Violation Of Regulations For Hearing Instruments/Hearing Instrument Specialists/Licensed Audiologists
Failure/Refusal To Submit Books/Records Of Limited Liability Company To The Secretary Of State
Failure To File Amendment To A Certificate Of Limited Partnership In A Timely Manner
Fraudulently Pledging Or Selling Property (Value Less Than $50)
Unlawful Transaction Of Business By An Insurance Company
Fail To Pay Assessment When Due Or Fail To Comply With Plan Of Operation By Member Insurer
Surplus Lines Licensee Who Represents Or Aids Nonadmitted Insurer In Violation Or Sections 384.011 To 384.071
Purchase Metal Belonging To Cemetery, Political Subdivision, Cooperative Or Utility
Person/Firm/Corporation Or Officer/Agent - Violation Of The Provisions Of Chapter 411 Regarding Grain Warehousing
Failure To Provide Notice Referencing Mechanic'S Lien
Intentionally Making A False Statement In An Unclaimed Property Report
Knowingly Releasing Information From Closed Judicial Record
Violation Of Grand Jury Oath
Sexual Misconduct - 1St Degree - 1St Offense
Sexual Conduct With A Nursing Facility Resident Or Vulnerable Person - 2Nd Deg
Patronizing Prostitution - 18 Years Of Age Or Older
Unlawful Transaction With Child
Reckless Burning Or Exploding
Property Damage - 2Nd Degree
Trespass - 1St Degree
Trespass On Real Property
Altering Or Removing Item Number To Deprive Lawful Owner
Identity Theft Or Attempted Identity Theft - 1St Offense
Unlawful Use Of Weapon - Subsection 1 - Carries Concealed
Unlawful Use Of Weapon - Subsection 6 - Discharge Into School, Courthouse Or Church
Unlawful Use Of Weapon - Subsection 7 - Discharge Along Highway Or Into Outbuilding
Unlawful Use Of Weapon - Subsection 8 - Carry Into Church, Election Precinct, Government Building
Possession Of A Defaced Firearm
Failed To Leave Premises When Asked By A Peace Officer While Carrying Concealed Weapon - 3Rd Offense
Gambling With Child Less Than 17 Years Of Age
Failure To Report Child Filmed In An Act Of Sexual Conduct
Peace Disturbance - 1St Offense
Disrupt A House Of Worship - 1St Offense
Unlawful Assembly
Drunkenness Or Drinking In Certain Prohibited Places
Unlawful Funeral Protest - 1St Offense
Making A False Declaration
Making False Report
False Impersonation
Simulating Legal Process
Filing A Nonconsensual Common Law Lien
Interference With Legal Process
Improper Communication
Misconduct In Selecting Or Summoning A Juror
Obstructing Government Operations
Bac - Cmv (.04 - .079)
Boating Bac
Unlawful Use Of Water Skis And Surfboards - Reckless Or Negligent Manner
Unlawful Use Of Water Skis And Surfboards - While Intoxicated Or Under The Influence
Negligent Operation Of A Vessel - 1St Offense
Abandonment Of An Airtight Or Semiairtight Icebox
Animal Neglect Or Abandonment - 2Nd Offense
Owner/Possessor'S Dog Bites Person/Domestic Animal (2Nd Or Subsequent Bite)
Knowingly/Intentionally Releasing An Animal - 1St Offense
Interfering With Lawful Hunting, Fishing Or Trapping 2Nd Degree
Fish/Hunt/Trap Or Retrieve Wildlife From Private Land Without Permission From Owner/Lessee
Drive/Flush Game From Private Land Or Discharge Firearm At Driven/Flushed Game
Intentionally Inhale/Smell The Fumes Or Induce Another To Inhale/Smell The Fumes Of Any Solvents
Induce Symptoms Of Intoxication/Possess Solvent/Possess Or Use Alcoholic Beverage Vaporizer
Intentionally Possess/Buy Solvent To Induce/Aid Another In Violating 579.097-099
Distribution Of Prescription Medication On School Property
Possession Of Prescription Medication On School Property - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Holds A Commission As Peace Officer - Not Licensed For Such
Knowingly Grants/Continues Commission As Peace Officer Without Valid License
Purposely Violate Provisions Of Chapter 590 (Regarding Peace Officers)
School Protection Officer, Under Section 160.665, Fails To Maintain Control Of Firearm On School Property
Fail To Expunge Information Or Releases Arrest Information Ordered Expunged
Misrepresent Inspection Station/Manufacturer/Possession Of Illegal Inspection - Prior Offender; Use Of Illegal Certificate Of Registration/Operation Of Vehicle Without Inspection -3Rd Offense
Pursuant To Sections 644.006 - 644.164, Knowingly Make False Statement, Representation Or Certification In Application/Renders Inaccurate Device
Engaging In Lead Abatement Project While License Is Suspended Or Revoked
Violation Of Anemometer (Wind Speed) Tower Regulations