Class A Misdemeanor Lawyer St. Louis, MO. Being charged with a Class A Misdemeanor in Missouri is something that should be taken seriously by anyone. If you are convicted, you could be looking at a maximum of one year in city or county jail and up to $2,000 in fines. While you will still retain crucial rights like the right to vote or possess a firearm, your Missouri misdemeanor will still be on your criminal record forever and can affect your chances of employment.

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Class A Misdemeanors
Make False/Misleading/Unfounded Report To Auditor
Violate Regulations Regarding The Prevention Of Lead Poisoning - Subsections 5, 6 & 9
False Statement On Loan Application By Farming Operation, Small Business Or Job Enhancement Business
Knowingly/Willfully Disclose Confidential Information From Examination From Child Advocacy To Unauthorized Person(S)
Knowingly/Willfully Violate Provisions Of Section 37.730
Person Willfully Resists/Opposes A Member Of The Patrol In The Proper Discharge Of Their Duties
Make False Report Or False Statement Of Missing Person(S)
Obtain Criminal History Record Information Under False Pretense
Provider/Youth Services Agency Disclosed Confidential Information
Disclosure Of Confidential Criminal Records
Authorized State Agency/Qualified Entity Disclosed Confidential Criminal History Information
Failure By A Coroner Or Medical Examiner To Properly Refer A Suspicious Death Of A Child Under 18 Years
Violation Or Zoning Regulations, Restrictions Or Orders (Non-Charter 1St Class County)
Violation Of Zoning Regulations, Restrictions Or Orders (2Nd And 3Rd Class Counties)
Violation Of Zoning Regulations, Restrictions Or Orders (Unincorporated Area)
Violation Of Airport Zoning Regulations
Violation Of Provisions In Sections 67.1600-67.1663 Dealing With Home Equity Programs
Regional Taxi Cab Commission Disclosed Confidential Criminal Record Check Information
Obscured Viewing Room Of Sexually Oriented Business Or More Than One Individual In Room
Appear Nude Or Depict/Simulate/Perform Prohibited Sexual Activities
Appear Seminude Less Than 10 Feet From Customer And On A Prohibited Stage
Prohibited Touching Of Customer Or Their Clothing
Person Under 21 Yoa On Premises Of Sexually Oriented Business
Knowingly, With Malice, File A False Complaint Against An Individual In Reference To The Ethics Law
Knowingly Violate Confidentiality Of An Ethics Complaint Against An Individual
Knowingly File A Complaint Pursuant To Chapter 105 Without Just Cause Or With Malice
Violate Confidentiality Requirements Of This Section Or Section 105.955(17)
Falsely Swearing To A Circulators Affidavit Knowing It To Be False
Petition Signature Fraud
Fail To Report Petition Signature Fraud
Knowingly File A False Withdrawal Statement
Employer/Committee/Labor Organization Receive/Cause Political Contributions From Members Or Employees, Except By Consent
Direct Payroll Deduction To A Continuing Political Committee, Other Than The Committee Chosen By The Employee
Violate Provisions Of Campaign Finance Disclosure Law (Chapter 130)
Failure To File Campaign Finance Disclosure Report Purposely
False Certification To Statement Filed With County Assessor With Intent To Defraud
Operate As An Inter-State Motor Fuel User Without Being Licensed As Such
Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Evasion
Motor Vehicle Fuel Transportation Offense - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Sell/Use/Deliver/Store Or Import For Sale/Use/Delivery/Storage Of Motor Fuel Where No Tax Paid
Transport Dyed Fuel Without Nontaxable Use Statement On Shipping Paper
Violation Of Importation Of Fuel Laws
Evasion Of Tax Related To Motor Fuel With Dye
Refusing Inspection Of Motor Fuel Records In Order To Evade Tax
Making Sales At Retail Without Retail License
Sale Of Tobacco Products Without Wholesaler License
Possess For The Purpose Of Sale, Any Cigarettes To Which The Required Stamps/Meter Units Not Affixed
Illegal Sales By Intinerant Vendor Or Peddler
Falsify Report Or Withhold Information Relating To Investigation/Report Of School Violence
Violation Regarding Confidentiality Of Reports/Records Of Missouri Commission For The Deaf And Hard Of Hearing
Knowingly Submitting False Information Regarding Residency For School Registration
School District Employee Selling Commodities To School
Knowingly Perform/Induce/Aid Perfoming An Abortion Contrary To Sections 188.010 - 188.085 Or Fail To Perform Action Required By Section 188.010 - 188.085
Perform/Induce Abortion By Physician With No Clinical Privileges At Hospital Within 30 Miles Of Abortion/Inducement
Conceal/Cancel/Deface/Obliterate An Outside The Hospital Do-Not-Resuscitate Order/Identification Of Another Person Without Consent Of The Other Person Or Falsify/Forge A Revocation Or Order Or Identification
Knowingly Disclose Information Or Hiv Results Of Another
Abuse Of Health Care Recipient - No Injury (Property Value Less Than $500)
Knowingly Destroy/Conceal Records Pertaining To Health Care Claims/Payments
Intentionally File A False Report Or Claim Alleging A Violation Of Regulations Regarding Health Care Payment Fraud And Abuse - 1St Offense
Improperly React To A Person Or Disclose Information In Regard To Complaints Made Against Long Term Care Facility
Knowingly/Willfully Retaliate Against Reporter Of Long Term Care Abuse
Disseminate Confidential Information In Abuse Registry Or Report Or Records
Failure To Report Abuse/Neglect Of In-Home Services Client
Knowingly Hire A Person Listed On/Refusing To Register With Family Care Safety Register
Divert Property Or Funds/Falsifying Service Documents Regarding In-Home Service Client
Failure Of Applicant To Disclose Criminal History Regarding Health Care Workers
Knowingly Hire/Retain Patient Care Person Who Has Been Convicted Of, Plead Guilty To, Nolo Contendere Or Found Guilty Of A Class A Or B Felony Violation Of Chapter 565, 566, 568, 569 Or Subsection 3 Of 198.070
Person, Firm, Corporation Or Association Violating Any Of The Order/Ordinances Adopted, Promulgated, Published By County Commission
Violate Quarantine/Conceal A Case Of Infectious Disease/Remove Quarantine Notice
Release Of Department Of Health And Senior Services Information Regarding Discounts Or Cancer Patient Identity
Refusal To Provide Information To Vital Records
Neglect/Violate Requirements Or Refuse To Perform Duties Of Chapter 193
Failure To Properly Dispose Of Stillborn Child
Profiting From Human Remains - 1St Offense
Profiting From Cultural Items - 1St Offense
Violate Provisions Of Section 196.1023.3 Regarding Cigarettes
Unauthorized Dissemination Of Information From Central Registry
Failure To Report In-Home Services Client Abuse
Diverting Property Or Funds/Falsifying Service Documents Regarding In-Home Service Client
Applicant Fail To Disclose Criminal History
In-Home Service Provider Knowingly Hire Applicant With Criminal History
In-Home Service Provider Knowingly Employs Person With Criminal History Who Refuses To Register/Currently Listed On Safety Registry
Operating An Ambulatory Surgical Center Without A License
Providing Hospice Care Without Certificate
Operating Residential Care Facility Without A License
Failure To Report Abuse/Neglect Of Residential Care Resident
File False Report Of Elder Abuse Or Neglect Against A Residential Facility - 1St Offense
Diversion Of Nursing Home Resident'S Fund
Employee Of Department Of Health And Senior Services Knowingly Disclose Time Of Unannounced Inspection Of Licensed Facility
Making False Statements/Tampering With Monitoring Device On Sewer Treatment System - 1St Offense
Doing Business As Food Stamp Vendor Without License - 1St Offense
Disclosure Of Information Regarding Electronic Transfer Of Benefits
Disclose Confidential Information For Purposes Other Than Set Forth In Section 208.217
Failure Of Mandated Reporter To Report Abuse/Neglect Of Physically Disabled Person
Divert Property Of Funds/Falsifying Service Documents Regarding Personal Care Services For Physically Disabled Person
Intentionally/Recklessly Cause Injury/Death Of Service Dog
Failure Of Owner To Control Animal That Causes Injury/Death To Service Dog Or Inability To Function As Service Dog
Failure Of Owner To Prevent Animal From Chasing/Harassing Service Dog So As To Interfere With Dog'S Duties
Disclosure Of A Conversation Between A Person Who Can Hear And A Deaf Person
Knowingly Make A False Report That Triggers An "Amber Alert"
Failure Of Mandated Reporter To Report Child Abuse/Neglect Or Death Of Child Under 18
Unauthorized Dissemination Of Information On Child Abuse Or Neglect Registry
Make Request To Reopen Children'S Division Investigation Based On Facts Known To Be False
Filing A False Report Of Child Abuse Or Neglect - 1St Offense
Establish/Maintain/Operate A Child Care Facility Without License Granted By Department Of Health And Senior Services - Subsequent Offense
Making Materially False Statement To Obtain/Renew A License To Operate A Child Care Facility - Subsequent Offense
Failure Of A Child Care Facility To Have Premises Inspected/To Supply Notice Of Parental Responsibility - Subsequent Offense
Juvenile Offender 17 Years Of Age Or Older Failed To Register/Provided False Information On Registration
Person 17 Years Of Age Or Older Willfully Violates Any Provisions Of Chapter 211 Regarding Juvenile Courts
Vandalizing Private Cemetery
Defacing Native American Cemetery
Destroy Or Deface Cemetery Property
Violation Of Regulations Established For Records Maintained By The Department Of Corrections
Department Of Corrections Employee Receives Any Services/Legal Tender/Article Of Value Not Authorized By The Department
Probation/Parole Violation
Delivery Or Possession Of Item At A County/Private Jail/Correctional Center Which Prisoner Is Prohibited From Receiving
Purposely Failing To Perform Warrant Check Prior To Release Of Prisoner
Unscreened Junkyards Near State And County Roads Prohibited- 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Possession For Sale Or Collection Of Plants/Plant Parts Collected From Any County/State Highway Or Roadway
Pursue/Take/Kill/Possess Or Dispose Of Wildlife Illegally
Failure To Produce Fishing License
Fraudulently Securing Certificate/License/Privilege From This State - Wildlife
Possession Or Control Of Illegally Obtained Wildlife
Breach Of Confidentiality Regarding Game Violators
Sale Of Wildlife Taken In Violation Of Missouri Department Of Conservation Regulations - 1St Offense (Value Less Than $500)
Hunting/Fishing With A Suspended, Revoked Or Denied Permit
Violation Relating To Excavation Of Abandoned Shipwrecks
Violation Of Water Well Drillers' Act
Illegal Disposal Of Infectious Waste
Illegal Disposal Of Waste Tires - Subsequent Offense
Selling Products In Unlabeled Plastic Container
Mining Company Submit False/Fraudulent Information Regarding Clean-Up Of Environmental Violations
Violate Nursery Dealer Registration Inspection Certificate And Requirements Of This Section
Violation Of Missouri Apiculture Law
Engage In Misleading/Deceptive Practice In Advertisement/Offer For Sale/Sell/All Or Part Of Carcass/Food Plan
Knowingly Fail To Obtain A License To Manufacture/Distribute Commercial Feed
Knowingly Fail To File A Quarterly Tonnage Report Regarding Commercial Feed
Quarantine Violations/Interference With State Veterinarian Notified To Quarantine Animals
Release Swine In A Wild/Feral State On Public/Private Land Without Proper Enclosure
Possess Or Transport Wild Boar Or Certain Swine On Or Through Public Land Without Permit
Operate Animal Care Facility As A Breeder Or Dealer Without License
Dealer Purchase Of Animals From Unlicensed Person
Canine Cruelty - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Violating Rules/Standards Regarding Animal Care Facilities
Housing Animals In Stacked Cages Without An Impervious Barrier Between Cage Levels
Violate Livestock Hold Order From Law Enforcement Or Noncompliance Pursuant To This Section
Knowingly Accept State Administered/Subsidized Tax Credit/Tax Abatement Or Loan From State When Negligently Employing An Illegal Alien
Employer Requiring Implant Of Personal Identification Microchip Technology Into An Employee
Failure Of Employer To Post Notice Regarding Worker'S Compensation Coverage
Violation Of Any Of The Provisions Of Section 287.128.3 Regarding Claims For Worker'S Compensation Benefits - 1St Offense
Knowingly Misrepresent Any Fact In Order To Obtain Worker'S Compensation Insurance At Less Than The Proper Rate - 1St Offense
Failure Of Employer To Insure Liability Under Worker'S Compensation Law - 1St Offense
Present/Prepare Claim For Worker'S Compensation Benefits By Health Care Provider Based On False Billing Practices - 1St Offense
Intentionally Disclose Or Fail To Protect Confidential Information Relating To An Unemployment Compensation Claim
Fraud/Misrepresentation Related To Employment Security Benefits - 1St Offense
Fail To Display Registration Plate On Commercial Motor Vehicle
Use A Revoked Driveaway License Plate
Operate As Motor Vehicle Title Service Agent Without A License
Fraudulent Application/Renewal/Issue Of Disabled Person License Plate Or Windshield Placard
Conducted Business Of Selling Used Motor Vehicle Parts Without License From Department Of Revenue
Conducted Motor Vehicle Salvage Business Without License From Department Of Revenue
Conducted Business Of Rebuilding/Repair 4 Or More Wrecked/Dismantled Vehicles In Calendar Year Without License From Department Of Revenue
Conducted Mobile Business Of Scrapping Vehicles/Parts For Metal Without License From Department Of Revenue
Operator Of Salvage Pool Sold Vehicle To Person Not Licensed As Salvage Dealer
Salvage Pool Operator Failed To Maintain Proper Record Of Vehicle Sales
Business Selling Used Vehicle Parts Failed To Maintain Records/Open Records For Inspection
Business Salvaging Vehicles Failed To Maintain Records/Open Records For Inspection
Business Rebuilding Vehicles Failed To Maintain Records/Open Records For Inspection
Scrap Metal Processor Failed To Maintain Records/Open Records For Inspection
Scrap Metal Operator Acquired Motor Vehicle/Parts Without Receiving Title
Scrap Metal Operator Failed To Forward Title To Department Of Revenue Within 10 Days
Scrap Metal Operator Failed To Maintain Proper Records
Operate Vehicle For Hire/Carry Load While Operating Under Hunter'S Permit
Make A False Statement/Omission In Monthly Sales Report To Dor
Failure Of A Motor Vehicle Dealer/Manufacturer Or Boat Dealer/Manufacturer To Obtain A License - 1St Offense
Failure Of Motor Vehicle Dealer To Surrender License Or Plates On Demand
Sale Of 6 Or More Motor Vehicles In A Calendar Year Without Being Registered As Motor Vehicle Dealer
Fail To Submit Required Report To Dor Of Special Event Motor Vehicle Auction Sales
Failure To Name Lienholder In Application For Title
Operate Vehicle On Highway Without A Valid License - 2Nd Offense
Operate Motorcycle When Driver'S License Not Validated For Such Operation - 2Nd Offense
Failure To Comply With Condition Of Restricted Drivers License (For Vision)
Display Or Possess Fictitious, Canceled, Suspended, Revoked Or Altered Driver'S License
Made False Statement/Affidavit Or Knowingly Swore/Affirmed Falsely To Any Matter Required By Sections 302.010-302.540
Commits/Assists Another In Committing Fraud/Deception During License Examination
Knowingly Conceal/Provide False Information/Commit Fraud In Application For License/Permit
Operate School Bus Without A Valid School Bus Endorsement
Operated School Bus While Endorsement Suspended (Suspended For Failure To Pass Drug/Alcohol/Chemical Test)
Knowingly Violates Confidentiality Provision Related To Incompetent/Unqualified Driver/Files False Report
Operate Motor Vehicle While License Revoked/Suspended For Failure To Maintain Proof Of Ignition Interlock Device Due To Point Violation
Driving While Revoked/Suspended - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Failure To Maintain Proof With Dor - Ignition Interlock Device
Failure To Maintain Proof With Dor -Financial Responsibility
Drive Commercial Motor Vehicle Without Commercial Driver'S License In Possession
Drive Commercial Motor Vehicle Without Proper Class Of License/Endorsement
Drive Commercial Motor Vehicle Without Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver'S License
Violate Operator'S License Restriction While Operating A Commercial Motor Vehicle
Drive Commercial Motor Vehicle While Driver Is Disqualified From Operating A Commercial Motor Vehicle
Drive Commercial Motor Vehicle While Commercial Driver'S License Is Revoked/Suspended/Cancelled
Violated An Out-Of-Service Order While Transporting Hazardous Materials - 1St Offense
Violated An Out-Of-Service Order While Transporting Hazardous Materials - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Violate Out-Of-Service Order While Operating Motor Vehicle Designed To Transport More Than 16 Passengers Including Driver - 1St Offense
Violate Out-Of-Service Order While Operating Motor Vehicle Designed To Transport More Than 16 Passengers Including Driver - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Operate Commercial Motor Vehicle Beginning At Issuance Of Order Until It Expires - 1St Offense
Operate Commercial Motor Vehicle Beginning At Issuance Of Order Until It Expires - 2Nd Offense
Operate Commercial Motor Vehicle Beginning At Issuance Of Order Until It Expires - 3Rd Or Subsequent Offense
Knowingly Display Invalid Evidence Of Liability Insurance
Knowingly Alter, Make, Sell, Make Available An Invalid/Counterfeit Insurance Card
Forged/Misrepresented Motor Vehicle Accident Or Financial Responsibilty Information To Department Of Revenue Knowingly
Knowingly Disclose Information Received From Insurance Companies
Operated A Motor Vehicle In A Careless And Imprudent Manner- Involving An Accident
Failed To Obey Official Signs Temporarily Designating Lanes- Resulting In An Accident
Change Lanes When Movement Could Not Be Made With Safety On Roadway Having 3 Or More Lanes - Resulting In Accident
Made U-Turn/Left Turn On Divided Highway Not At Intersection/Interchange/Any Signed Location - Resulting In Accident
Failed To Drive On Right Half Of Roadway When Roadway Was Of Sufficient Width - Resulting In An Accident
Drove Wrong Direction On Highway Divided Into Two Or More Roadways - Resulting In An Accident
Failed To Drive Within Single Lane On Roadway Having 3 Or More Lanes - Resulting In An Accident
Drove In Center Lane Of 3 Lane Roadway When View Obstructed Or Not Clear Of Traffic - Resulting In An Accident
Fail To Drive In Right Hand Lane Of Roadway With 3 Or More Lanes When Travel At Speed Less Than Normal - Result In Accident
Failed To Drive Within Right Lane Of Highway With 2 Or More Lanes In The Same Direction - Resulting In An Accident
Truck More Than 48,000 Pounds Fail To Drive In Right Hand Lane Of Roadway With 3 Or More Lanes - Result In Accident
Fail To Place Vehicle Not In Motion As Near Right Hand Side Of Highway As Practicable - Resulting In An Accident
Fail To Yield To An Emergency Vehicle Sounding Siren And Displaying Red/Blue Light
Failed To Proceed With Caution/Yield Right Of Way/Reduce Speed When Approaching A Stationary Emergency Vehicle Displaying Emergency Lights
Activate Siren/Warning Lights On Emergency Vehicle When Not In Pursuit Or On An Emergency Mission
Failed To Yield To Modot Stationary Vehicle Displaying Amber Or Amber And White Lights
Failure Of Streetcar Motorman To Stop Car Clear Of Intersection Until Emergency Vehicle Has Passed
Failed To Stop For School Bus That Is Receiving/Discharging School Children
Fail To Equip School Bus With Crossing Control Arm
School Bus Driver Failed To Permit Following Vehicle To Pass
Fail To Provide Proper Authorization For Parking Vehicle In Handicap Zone
Prohibited Towing Of Vehicle From Scene Of Accident - 2Nd Offense
Any Violation Of Towing Regulations From Section 304.155 To 304.158
Weight On Grain/Co-Products Hauler Exceeds 10% Of Maximum Weight Limit On Highway Other Than Interstate
Transport Hazardous Material In/Through Highway Tunnel - Found/Plead Guilty Or 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Illegally Parked A Vehicle Containing Hazardous Material Within 300 Feet Of Any Highway Tunnel - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Truck More Than 24,000 Pounds Drive In Far Left Lane In Violation Of Section 304.705 With Accident
Failure To Display A Pilot'S License Upon Demand
Owner Of Vessel Failed To Register/Title With Department Of Revenue
Owner Of Documented Vessel Failed To Register With Department Of Revenue
On Certain Rivers Possessing Or Using A Beer Bong/Device To Consume Alcohol Or Any Large Volume Alcohol Container Holding More Than Four Gallons Of An Alcoholic Beverage Or Who Possesses An Expanded Cooler On Or Within 50 Feet Of River
Failure Of Owner To Notify Department Of Revenue Of Lien On An Outboard Motor/Motorboat
Failure By Owner To Indicate Lienholder Of Outboard Motor/Motorboat/Vessel/Watercraft At Time Of Application For Title
Used Siren/Blue Lamp On Motor Vehicle/Other Emergency Equipment When Not Responding To Bona Fide Emergency
Used Siren/Blue Lamp On Motor Vehicle Without Valid Permit From Chief Fire Department/Ambulance Association
Used Lights Outside Of Work Zone/While Moving
Operate Commercial Motor Vehicle When Not In Compliance With Federal Hazardous Material Regulations
Conducting Business Without Federal Receipt Affixed To Liquor License
After Hours/Sunday Sales Of Liquor - Failure To Keep A Closed Place
Owner/Occupant/Other Person/Legal Entity Knowingly Allow/Fail To Stop Person Under The Age Of 21 Drink/Possess Intoxicating Liquor - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Manufacture A False Identification To Purchase/Obtain Alcohol
Purchase/Attempt To Purchase Or Possession Of Liquor By Minor - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Minor Visibly Intoxicated/Blood Alcohol Content More Than .02% - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Person Under 21 Years Possess Reproduced, Modified Or Altered Driver'S License, Military Identification Or Identification Card
Liquor Sales Without License - Permitting Consumption By Minor/After Hours/On Sunday
Illegal Association With A Gambling Boat Or Unlawful Acceptance Of Gifts From A Gambling Applicant Or Licensee
Knowingly Made False Statement To Gaming Commission
Person Leases Premise/Sells Or Leases Equipment Or Supplies/Furnishes Commodities Or Services To Conduct Bingo - Participated In Bingo Game
Failed To Immediately Report Changes In Officers/Directors/Officials To Commission
Failed To Display Bingo License In Area Of Bingo Game
Ineligible Person/Organization Participate In Management/Conduct/Operation Of Bingo Game
Failed To Make Annual Report To Gaming Commission
Failed To Keep 3 Years Of Complete Records Or To Open Records For Inspection By Gaming Commission
Violation Of Section 313.052 - Discrediting Bingo Operations
Violation Of Section 313.057 - Pertaining To Bingo Manufacturers/Suppliers/Hall Providers
Illegal Disposition Of Net Receipts From Bingo At Veteran'S Hospitals
Violation Of Bingo Regulations
Illegal Sale Of Lottery Tickets
Refuse To Answer Subpoena From Missouri Horse Racing Commission
Minor Wagering/Attempt To Wager Or Allow Minor To Wager Or Enter Wagering Area
Present False Identification To Gain Entry To Gambling Boat, Cash, Check ,Verify Person Is Legitimately Entitled To Be Present On Boat - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Person Under The Age Of 21 Years Make/Attempt To Make A Wager While On An Excursion Gambling Boat - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Aiding Person Under The Age Of 21 Years In Entering Gambling Boat Or Making/Attempting To Make A Wager While On Such Boat- 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Permitting Person Under The Age Of 21 Years To Make Wager -2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Owner Of Amusement Ride Fail To Submit To Department Of Public Safety A Copy Of Accident Report Of Serious Physical Injury/Death Within 24 Hours
Fail To Retain On Premises Or With Traveling Amusement Ride, All Maintenance, Inspection And Accident Records For Each Amusement Ride
Knowingly Operate, Cause To Operate, Direct Someone To Operate Amusement Ride Not In Compliance With Regulations
Violating The Rules Affiliated With The Safety Of Riding An Amusement Ride
Failure To Maintain Or Register Adequate Insurance Of A For-Profit Private Swimming Pool Or Facility
Load/Fire Explosives Or Direct/Order/Cause Individual To Load/Fire Explosives Without Valid Blaster'S License Or Without Supervision Of Individual With Blaster'S License - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Manufacture, Sale Or Shipping Fireworks Without Permit
Sale Or Shipment Of Fireworks Into City Or County Which Prohibits Sale/Possession Of Fireworks
Refuse Or Fail To Comply With State Auditor Chapter Provisions
Possess/Sale/Use In Missouri Or Ship To Missouri, Other Than Class C Fireworks
Sold Fireworks Outside Legal Selling Period
Fail To Comply With Restrictions On Manufacture, Display, Storage Or Sale Of Fireworks
Sale/Attempt Sale Of Fireworks To Children Under 14 Years Of Age Without Parent Or Guardian Present
Allowed Person Under 16 Years Of Age To Sell Fireworks Without Adult Supervision
Explode/Ignite Consumer Fireworks Near Certain Buildings
Ignite/Discharge/Throw Fireworks From Or Into Any Motorized Vehicle
Ignite/Discharge/Throw Fireworks From/Into Any Watercraft
Ignite/Discharge/Throw Consumer Fireworks Within 300 Feet Of Any Permanent Storage Of Igniteable Liquid/Gases/Fireworks Building
Display/Sell/Offer For Sale Explosive Or Pyrotechnic Fireworks Without Proper Permits
Store Proximate Fireworks With Consumer Fireworks
Violate Federal/State Law Regarding Storage/Transportation Of Fireworks
Failure To Comply With Provisions For Claims Involving Services Provided By Volunteer Fire Department
Violation Of Fire Protection Or Prevention Ordinance
Violate Any Provision Of Section 322.140 Regarding Rabies/Zoonotic Disease/Department Of Health And Senior Services Order
Violation Of Sections 323.010 - 323.210 Regulations Regarding Liquid Gas
Violation Of Licensing Rules/Regulations For Private Investigators And Agencies (Sections 324.1100 To 324.1148, Except 324.1142) 1St Offense
Practice As A Dietician Without A Valid License
Violation Of Sections 324.240 - 324.275 (Massage Law)
Violation Of Interior Designer Law
Fraudulently Misrepresent One'S Self As A Parent (Regarding Tattoo) - Subsequent Offense Within One Year
Knowingly Tattoo/Brand/Body Pierce A Minor Without Written Consent Of Minor'S Parent - Subsequent Offense Within 1 Year
Tattoo/Brand/Body Pierce Person Under The Influence Of Intoxicating Liquor Or Controlled Substance - Subsequent Offense Within 1 Year
Violate Any Provision Of Sections 324.700 - 324.745 - Regulations Of Missouri Department Of Transportation (Regarding House Movers)
Fail To Obey Subpoena Issued By Board Of Healing Arts/Be Examined/Answer Legal Pertinent Question With Reasonable Cause
Violate Any Provision Of Subsections 1-5 Of Sections 326.292 Regarding Certified Public Accountants
Practice Architecture/Engineering/Land Surveying/Landscape Architecture Without Valid License Or Certificate
Practice Podiatric Medicine Without A License
Practice Dentistry Without Valid License
Practice As A Dental Hygienist Without A Valid License
Practice As Dentist/Dental Hygienist Without Valid License -Perform Teeth Whitening Services
Violation Of Preneed Funeral Contract Seller Requirements
Violation Of Sections 334.400 - 334.430 Regarding Anesthesiologist Or Anesthesiologist Assistant
Violatings Of The "Respiratory Care Practice Act"
Unlawful To Practice, Attempt To Practice Optometry Without A Certificate Of Registration
Practice Psychology Or Represent Oneself As Psychologist Without A License
Violation Of Pharmacy Law By Licensed Person
Receipt Of Drugs From Unlicensed Distributor Or Pharmacy - 1St Offense
Unlawful Practice Of Veterinary Medicine
Failure Of An Authorized Person To Submit A List Of Limited Liability Companies At Request Of Secretary Of State
Signing False Document Relating To Business Institution
Knowingly Signing False Document Related To A Limited Liability Partnership
Failure To Deliver Partnership List To Secretary Of State
Violate Provision Of Sections 361.700 - 361.727 Regarding License To Sell Checks Or Attempt To Sell/Issue Checks Without A License
Fail To Maintain Adequate Books And Records Relating To Pawn Transactions
Operating A Pawn Shop Without Obtaining A Proper License
Fraudulently Pledging Or Selling Property (Value More Than $50 And Less Than $150)
Willfully Making False Entry Into Pawn Shop Records
Violations Of Provisions For Pawnbroker Loans
Receipt Of Advance Fee By Loan Broker
Violation Of Title Lender Registration Requirements -2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Unlawfully Engage In The Bail Bonds Business - 1St Offense
Licensed Agent Failed To Inform Law Enforcement Of Apprehension - 1St Offense
Surety Recovery Agent Failed To Report To Local Law Enforcement Agency Prior To Entering Residence - 1St Offense
Acting As An Insurance Agent Without A License
Violation Of An Order Issued Under The "Insurers Supervision, Rehabilitation And Liquidation Act"
Receiving Compensation Without Written Consent Of Insured
Violate Provision Regarding Licensing Of Insurance Agents/Agencies
False Statement In Application To Fraternal Benefit Society
Trespass To Railroad Property
Knowingly Allow Person To Drive A Commercial Vehicle While The Person'S License Is Suspended/Revoked/Cancelled
Miscellaneous Motor Carrier Violation
Provide False Documentation Of Customer Tax Credits Received For Demand - Side Utility Investments
Interference With Or Avoidance Of Civil Investigation Into Unlawful Merchandising Practices
Telemarketer/Seller Knowingly, Willfully Engages In An Unlawful Telemarketing Act Or Practice
Seller/Telemarketer Willfully, Knowingly Failed To Keep Verifiable Authorizations And Required Records
Solicit Or Accept Payment/Consideration To Remove Or Correct Criminal Record Information
Failure To Keep A Register Of Scrap Metal Purchase Or Trade
Scrap Metal Dealer Knowingly Purchase/Possess A Metal Beer Keg From Other Than Brewer/Authorized Representative
Knowingly Defraud/Intent To Defraud Credit Card Holder - Sales Receipt Or By Electronic Means Without Consent - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Odometer Fraud 1St Degree
Reproduce/Alter/Modify/Misrepresent Without Authorizing Any Operator License Of Identification Issued By Department Of Revenue (To Purchase Tobacco Products)
Unlawful Activity By Foreclosure Consultant
Violation Of Any Provision Pertaining To Interest On Small Loans And Second Mortgages
Lender Charged Fee In Excess Of Established Rate
Business Opportunity Seller Violating Any Provisions Of Section 409.1003
Violation Involving Weights And Measures-1St Or 2Nd Offense
Violation Of Sections 414.012 - 414.152 - Safety Regulations Regarding Fuel
Remove, Deface Or Alter Label Or Statement Affixed To Bedding
Knowingly Attach False Label To Bedding Or Sell Bedding With False Labeling
Lien Fraud (Value $500 Or Less)
Operate Under An Improper Business Name As Stated By "Residential Mortgage Brokers License Act"
Failure To File Or Deliberately Deceiving In A Report Required By The "Residential Mortgage Brokers License Act"
Engaging In Surface Mining Without A Permit
Refusal To Pay Or Deliver Abandoned Property
Violation Involving Child Support/Public Assistance Information
Collusive Attempt Between Child Support Obligor And Obligee To Evade Or Defeat Tax
Violation Of Order Of Protection For Adult - 1St Offense
Violation Of Child Protection Order - 1St Offense
Concealing Or Destroying Life Support Declaration Of Another
Intentionally/Knowingly Fail To Comply With Property Seizure Reporting Requirements
Intentionally/Knowingly Fail To Comply With Property Seizure Reporting Requirements
Violation Of Provisions For Protecting/Handling Wiretap Recording/Applications
Violate Provisions Of Section 544.170 Regarding Release Of Prisoner
Failure To Appear - Misdemeanor
Assault - 4Th Degree - Pursuant To Subdivisions (1), (2), (4), (5)
Assault - 4Th Degree - Pursuant To Subdivisions (3), (6) - Special Victims
Domestic Assault 3Rd Degree - 1St Or 2Nd Offense
Domestic Assault - 4Th Degree - 1St Offense
Harassment - 2Nd Degree
Kidnapping - 3Rd Degree
Interference With Custody
Elder Abuse 3Rd Degree
Abuse Of Elderly, Disabled Or Vunerable Person
Failure To Report Abuse/Neglect Of Elderly
Failure To Report Abuse/Neglect Of Elderly
Filing False Report Of Elder Abuse - 1St Offense
Knowingly Fail To Report The Suspected Abuse Or Neglect Of A Vulnerable Person - 1St Offense
File A False Vulnerable Person Abuse Report
Stalking - 2Nd Degree - 1St Offense
Invasion Of Privacy
Sexual Misconduct - 1St Degree - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Sexual Abuse - 2Nd Degree
Sex With An Animal
Sexual Conduct With A Nursing Facility Resident Or Vulnerable Person - 1St Deg
Sexual Conduct With A Nursing Facility Resident Or Vulnerable Person - 2Nd Degree - 2Nd Or Subsequent
Fail To Notify Sheriff Of Prior Residency Within 1000 Feet Of A School/Child Care Facility - 1St Offense
Sex Offender Physically Present/Loiter Within 500 Feet Of A Child Care Facility When Child Younger Than 18 Years Of Age Is Present
Sex Offender Under 566.149 Present/Loiter W/In 500' Of School Building, Grounds, Or Conveyance To Transport Students
Patronizing Prostitution - Under The Age Of 18 But Older Than The Age Of 14
Endangering The Welfare Of A Child 2Nd Degree
Arson - 3Rd Degree
Possession Of A Device Designed To Open/Break Into A Coin-Operated Vending Machine
Tampering With Utility Meter 2Nd Degree
Tampering With Property Of Another 2Nd Degree
Tampering With Motor Vehicle 2Nd Degree
Tampering With Airplane/Motor Boat 2Nd Degree
Tampering With Computer Data
Tampering With Computer Equipment
Tampering With Computer User/S To Defraud Or Obtain Property
Violate Section 469.132 Regarding Crop Loss - Value Less Than $750
Unlawfully Enter Or Deface A Cave/Cavern
Polluting Cave Or Subsurface Waters
Trespass Of A School Bus
Feigned Blindness
Stealing Leased Or Rented Property
Issuing A False Instrument Or Certificate
Passing Bad Check
Fraudulently Stop Payment Of An Instrument
Fraudulent Use Of Credit/Debit Device
Fraudulent Procurement Of Credit Or Debit Device
Deceptive Business Practice
Financial Exploitation Of Elderly/Disabled Person (Property Value Less Than $50)
Commercial Bribery
Defrauding Secured Creditors
Identity Theft Or Attempt
Misappropriation Of Intellectual Property - 1St Offense
Operate Audio/Video Recording Device In Motion Picture Theatre W/O Consent Of Owner/Lessee
Violation Of Stolen Valor Act - Misrepresent Veteran Status/Medals/Decoration/Badge/Ribbon/Button- 1St Offense
Violation Of Stolen Valor Act Re Misrepresent The Award Of Medal/Decoration/Badge/Ribbon/Button - 1St Offense
Violation Of Stolen Valor Act Re Use Of Veteran Title- 1St Offense
Fraud Or Deception In Obtaining Instruction Permit, Drivers License, Nondrivers License
Unlawfully Receiving Public Assistance Benefits/Ebt Card (Value Less Than $750) - 1St Offense
Unlawful Conversion Of Public Assistance Benefits/Ebt Card (Value Less Than $750) - 1St Offense
Unlawful Transfer Of Public Assistance Benefits/Ebt Card (Value Less Than $750) - 1St Offense
Perjury In Application For Public Assistance
Improper Disclosure Of Informaion In Public Assistance Investigation
Publish Identifying Information About Individuals With Firearms Or License/Certificate/Permit/Endorsement
Unlawful Refusal To Transfer A Weapon
Unlawful Possession, Transport, Manufacture, Repair Or Sale Of Illegal Weapon
Unlawful Use Of Weapon - Subsection 5 - While Intoxicated - Unloaded Weapon
Unlawful Use Of Weapon - Subsection 10 - Carry Unloaded Weapon Into School, Bus, Premises Or Function
Defacing Firearm
Unlawful Transfer Of Weapon
Disclose Protected Information Of Applicant'S Status Of Concealed Carry Permit
Gambling Professional Player
Promoting Gambling 2Nd Degree
Possession Of Gambling Records 2Nd Degree
Possession Of Gambling Device
Promoting Pornography For Minors Or Obscenity 2Nd Degree
Furnishing Pornographic Material Or Attempt To Furnish To A Minor
Public Display Of Explicit Sexual Material
Making Obscene Or Indecent Commercial Messages
Person Under Age 19 Dancing In An Adult Cabaret
Allow Person Under Age 19 To Dance In An Adult Cabaret
Peace Disturbance - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Disrupt A House Of Worship - 2Nd Offense
Institutional Vandalism - Property Damage
Terrorist Threat - 3Rd Degree
Cross Burning
Unlawful Funeral Protest - Subsequent Offense
Concealing A Misdemeanor
Hindering Prosecution
Make False Affidavit To Mislead A Public Servant
Tampering With Physical Evidence
Tampering With A Public Record
False Impersonation Law Enforcement Officer
Willfully Failing/Refusing To Obey Or Resisting/Opposing Leo Or Firefighter In The Proper Discharge Of Their Duties
Resisting Or Interfering With Arrest/Detention/Stop
Endanger Correctional Employee/Visitor/Another Offender By Attempt/Knowingly Cause Person To Come Into Contact With Unidentified Substance
Failure To Execute Warrant
Escape Or Attempted Escape From Custody
Failure To Return To Confinement In County/Private Jail On A Felony Conviction
Aiding Escape Of A Prisoner
Disturbing A Judicial Proceeding
Tampering With A Witness
Tampering With A Victim Or Attempt Tampering With Victim
Acceding To Corruption - Official Proceeding
Misconduct By Juror
Misconduct In Administration Of Justice
Official Misconduct
Misuse Of Official Information By A Public Servant
Dwi - Prior
Dwi - Person Less Than 17 Years Of Age In Vehicle
Bac - Prior Offender
Bac - Cmv (.04 - .079) - Prior Offender
Bwi - Prior
Bwi - Person Less Than 17 Years Of Age In Vehicle
Boating Bac - Prior Offender
Operating Aircraft While Intoxicated - Prior Offender
Operating Aircraft With Excessive Bac - Prior Offender
Negligent Operation Of A Vessel - 2Nd Offense
Leaving Scene Of Accident
Failure To Report A Shooting - 1St Offense
Littering - Physical Injury Or Property Damage
Littering - Prior Offense
Damaging State Park Property - Physical Injury Or Property Damage
Damaging State Park Property - Prior Offense
Abandon Vehicle Or Trailer
Tampering With Water Supply
Construction Or Use Of A Waste Disposal Well
Leaving A Child Unattended In A Motor Vehicle - 2Nd Degree
Failure To Comply With Ignition Interlock Device Requirements
Knowingly Rented, Leased Or Lent Motor Vehicle Without Functioning Ignition Interlock Device To Individual With Restricted Driving Privileges
Failure To Notify Another Of Ignition Interlock Device Requirements
Tamper Or Circumvent Operation Of Ignition Interlock Device
Animal Abuse - 1St Offense
Failure Of Farm Animal Professional To Submit Videotape/Recording Of Animal Abuse Or Neglect
Owner/Possessor'S Dog Bites Person/Domestic Animal (2Nd Or Subsequent Bite) - Results In Serious Injury
Spectator At Dog Fight
Causing Dogs To Pursue Live Animals Propelled By Device
Remove Electronic/Transmitting Dog Collar Without Owner'S Consent
Bull Baiting And Cock Fighting
Interfering With Hunting, Fishing Or Trapping 1St Degree
Fail To Obey Order Of Peace Officer To Desist A Person From Interfering With Lawful Hunting/Fishing Or Trapping
Bear Wrestling
Sports Bribery - 2Nd Degree
Prohibited Acts Against Animal Research And Production Facilities
Fail To Obtain Proper Permit For Large Carnivore
Violate "Large Carnivore Act" Provisions Of Sections 578.600-.624
Possession Of Marijuana/Synthetic Cannabinoid Of 11-35 Grams
Possession Of Marijuana/Synthetic Cannabinoid Of 10 Grams Or Less - Prior Drug Offense
Unlawful Delivery Of Drug Paraphernalia
Unlawful Sale Or Distribution Of Over-The-Counter Methamphetamine Precursor Drugs
Unlawful Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia - Prior Drug Offense
Unlawful Manufacture Of Drug Paraphernalia
Possession Of An Imitation Controlled Substance
Failure To Keep Or Furnish Records On Controlled Substances
Distribution Of Prescription Medication On School Property - 2Nd Or Subsequent Offense
Fail To Comply With Halloween-Related Restrictions For Sex Offenders
Practice As Corporate Security Advisor Without A Dps License
Fraudulent Claim For Compensation As Crime Victim
Falsification Of Affidavit To Obtain Public Defender Services
Knowingly Violate Any Provision Of Section 610.100-610.105-610.106 Or 610.120 Regarding Missouri Sunshine Law
Patient, Resident, Or Client Abuse Or Neglect In Mental Health Facility Or Program
Furnishing Unfit Food To Patients/Residents/Clients In Mental Health Facility Or Program
Knowingly File False Report Of Abuse/Neglect Of A Mental Health Patient - 1St Offense
Failure To Report Suspected Abuse/Neglect Of A Mental Health Patient - 1St Offense
Applicant Knowingly Failed To Disclose Criminal History Information (Regarding: Direct Care Position)
Provider Knowingly Hire Any Disqualified Person
Engaging In Asbestos Abatement Project/Inspection/Management Plan/Asbestos Air Sampling Without Certificate - 1St Offense
Failure By Asbestos Abatement Contractor To Comply With Regulatory Agency - 1St Offense
Undertaking Asbestos Abatement Project Without Meeting Requirements - 1St Offense
Commence Asbestos Abatement Project Without Minimizing Spread Of Friable Asbestos - 1St Offense
Refusal To Permit Inspection By Department Of Natural Resources For Purposes Under Sections 643.225 - 643.250 - 1St Offense
Sale/Distribution Of Products Made From/Goods Contained In Certain Polystyrene Foam
Willful/Negligent Cause/Permit Discharge Of Water Contaminants In Violation Of Section 644.006 To 644.141 - 1St Offense
Unauthorized Use Or Dissemination Of Identifiable Dna Information
Knowingly Falsifying Shared Care Tax Credit Document
Disclose Identifying Information Regarding Applicant Or Recipient Of Public Assistance
Operate Without A License Or Make A False Statement In Obtaining A License/Certificate For Adult Day Care Facility
Failure To Provide To The Department A Performance Bond Or Letter Of Credit As Provided Under Section 701.052
Representing Oneself As A Registered On-Site Sewage Disposal System Contractor
Fail To Comply With Registration/Construction Guidelines Concerning On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems
Possess, Transport, Use Or Sale Of Display Or Proximate Fireworks Without Permit